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3 ways to create a signature scent for your home

Signature scent for your home - beautiful florals with emerald green painting - Laura U Interior Design

Do you remember the smell of your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies baking or the fragrance your spouse was wearing on your wedding day? How about the salty ocean air from the summers you spent at the beach? Smell is the … Continue reading

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Stunning living rooms that embody sophistication

Collected, cozy living room with wooden beams - Laura U Interior Design

When you think about the entertaining center of your home, your kitchen is probably the first room that comes to mind…but it wasn’t always that way. The living room, previously known as the drawing or sitting room, used to be … Continue reading

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April Team Obsessions

Laura U Interior Design April 2018 Team Obsessions

April flew by thanks to the craziness of finishing the BLVD Show House. It’s hard to believe after all this time the house is done and we can finally move in next week … just in time for May! And … Continue reading

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Eye-catching headboards to elevate your bedroom

Blue velvet tufted headboard by Laura U Interior Design

Pictorial evidence suggests that the Egyptian pharaohs were the first people to use headboards, which were originally designed to protect against drafts. But through the centuries the purpose and designs of headboards have evolved. Today headboards are used for mainly aesthetic … Continue reading

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Celebrating Texas Design Week 2018 in Houston

Texas Design Week in Houston with Laura U Interior Design and Olivia + Poppy

We’re officially at the halfway point of Texas Design Week here in Houston and wow, y’all — it’s ready been so wonderful! Texas Design Week happens twice a year – Houston in the spring and Dallas in the fall – … Continue reading

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