Today, I’m excited to re-visit this Indo-Asian-inspired high rise we designed for a wonderful couple in Houston. This collected interior was featured in Rue Magazine last year and is still one of our favorites!

Our client is a fascinating, well-traveled professional with impeccable style. She works overseas and splits her time between Paris and Houston, giving her many opportunities to grow her art collection. She speaks multiple languages, has red hair like me, and her Spanish-Indian ancestry inspired The Home’s Earthy Color Palette. All in all, she’s just the kind of person you would imagine calling this Houston high rise home.

The converted den was designed to serve as a study and a guest bedroom. They even included a gorgeous, hidden sleeper sofa for guests. The living space serves as a dining area and a living room for the couple. We added a mid-century console to give our clients space to display their favorite vintage tea set and pottery. Mid-century looks continue to be trendy. I think a lot of this is due to their clean lines. They work really well to balance out loud colors or intricate patterns.