When you’re looking to make a statement in a room, furniture and accessories are fabulous. But for something a little more unique, a bold ceiling color is a great way to make a statement. It’s not too overwhelming, totally unexpected and it shows off your personality.

Similar to an accent wall, you can experiment with color or bold prints on an accent ceiling. Whether you decide to paint it, add a splash of wallpaper or create some ornate details, don’t be afraid to have your ceiling be something other than white. So today we wanted to share three ways to go bold and amp up the style on your ceiling.

Go Bold With Paint.

For an unexpected and unique look, try a painted mural. This black and blue painted ceiling is basically a piece of art! It’s cool, modern and makes a statement in this bedroom. And it ties together the pattern of the drapery and the artwork.

3 ways to incorporate a bold ceiling color

If you love color…but aren’t ready for the commitment of painting the entire room, an accent ceiling can be just the thing. A bold hue is a fun way to create an accent of color. We selected a fiery orange for this space. It compliments the bright color palette and adds a fun touch to this family room. It’s just the right amount of color for this space.

3 ways to incorporate a bold ceiling color

This lounge space is all about color, so a bright teal ceiling was a must. It compliments the deep, vibrant hues of the drapery, textures, and rugs in the room. It definitely adds that extra pop!

3 ways to incorporate a bold ceiling color

You can also use a contrasting ceiling color to create a bit of drama. We painted the ceiling a deep burgundy to contrast the neutral taupe walls. Although the colors are all within a natural color palette, it’s a bold statement when entering this living room.

3 ways to incorporate a bold ceiling color

Apply Some Wallpaper!

Instead of painting a ceiling, go with a cool and unexpected wallcovering! This fresh and fun wallpaper gives the dining room a romantic and feminine vibe. It’s a playful touch that showcases our client’s fun and whimsical personality.

3 ways to incorporate a bold ceiling color

A neutral color palette and a bold ceiling are the perfect pair for making a statement. And this gold printed wallpaper does just that! The ethnic print pairs beautifully with the natural textures and colors of this gentleman’s lounge.

3 ways to incorporate a bold ceiling color

Elegant and Ornate Details

But if you’re not a fan of vibrant color or bold prints, adding details to the ceiling creates a very luxurious feeling space. A mural or inlaid design is a very modern take on the ornate murals or gilded ceilings of the past. It also pairs well with a neutral or monochromatic color palette.

3 ways to incorporate a bold ceiling color

It’s especially elegant in a grand entry or dining room. We love how the design of this ceiling subtly mimics the tile design and shape of the furniture. And it doesn’t compete with the bright and bold furniture in the room. It’s a stunning ceiling!

3 ways to incorporate a bold ceiling color

Don’t be afraid to go bold with color, mix in prints, use wallpaper or opt for an elegant look with detailed murals. We hope these tips for creating a bold ceiling have you feeling inspired to make it your own! Use it to showcase your personality in an unexpected way.

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