Physical walls used to determine the furniture layout of a room, but architectural designs have since evolved to include more open spaces. I love an open space plan because it gives you the opportunity to create various layouts using sectionals, sofas and lounge chairs! The position of each piece determines how the room flows and what the vibe of the room will be. So whether you want one large open space or one with a smaller space within, you have the flexibility to make it your own! 

No Walls Needed.

The living room is the perfect spot for socializing with family and friends and relaxing on a comfy sofa or sectional. So when you’re thinking about the layout, keep in mind that it should optimize the amount of seating in the room, create depth and balance within the space. Depending on what our client would like the focus of the room to be, it may mean that the furniture is facing the television or it may not have a television at all.

4 ways to arrange living room seating

Here are some of my favorite tips for arranging your living room furniture to create a warm and welcoming space that your family and friends will love.

Separation With Sectionals 

4 ways to arrange living room seating

The family room is the next door neighbor to the kitchen and breakfast area. This space may be divided by walls or have an open layout. Sectionals are a fabulous way to create a soft separation from the kitchen or dining room. Then add in some cozy lounge chairs or bold accent chairs help balance the scale of a large sectional and ensure there will be plenty of seating.

4 ways to arrange living room seating

Intimate Sofas

4 ways to arrange living room seating

A sofa paired with lounge chairs gives the room a conversational intent. This layout is very different from the traditional large sectional, so it’s perfect for smaller spaces or for living rooms where the television isn’t the focus of the room. I love how the fireplace (below) makes this crisp and colorful living room feel a little extra cozy.

4 ways to arrange living room seating

Tight on Space?

When it comes to townhomes and flats, it’s important to create a living room design that utilizes the space thoughtfully. For your main seating – smaller sectionals, loveseats, and sofas work nicely.  Then layer in small-scale club chairs or lounge chairs to give you plenty of seating options. I love adding in an accent chair…or two, for interest and extra overflow seating when entertaining.

4 ways to arrange living room seating

Wide Open Space

In the high-rise home below, a large sectional framed with a curve-clinging custom console divides the room and creates display and storage within the space. We incorporated lounge chairs from Holly Hunt between the living room and the dining room and the complementary color palette of the chairs creates a very cohesive look.

4 ways to arrange living room seating

A relaxing living room doesn’t require 4 walls. Large open floor plans can be arranged to create intimate spaces using your furniture. Sectionals, sofas, and lounge chairs are so much more than seating and I hope that today’s post gave you some new ideas on how to arrange (or rearrange) your living room.

For more living room inspiration and ideas on how to arrange your furniture, check out our Pinterest page and our Instagram.



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