Metallic accents are the perfect way to add a dash of glam to any interior. Whether you want an eye-catching statement piece or just a subtle touch of metallic, there are plenty of options to add a bit of shine to any room!

From lighting to fabrics to décor, metallic finishes can be found in a variety of pieces. They highlight the beauty of a piece and help instantly pull together a space. Here are a few of my favorite ways to incorporate metallic accents into your designs to make the whole room sparkle.

Statement Pieces

If you want to create a focal point in the room, a metallic statement piece works beautifully. It immediately adds sophistication and elegance to the space. But before investing in a showstopping piece, consider the overall color palette. Since the statement piece will be center stage, make sure the metallic sheen blends well with the colors used throughout the interior.

Metallic accents Gold Bernhardt Bed frame - Laura U Interior Design

This gold Bernhardt bed frame gives the space a gorgeous pop of color against the neutral color palette of whites, creams and wood tones. It warms up the space, while adding a luxe touch to the bedroom. And the light reflecting off the bed frame brings in a bit of visual texture which I love.

 Arteriors Home Lowery metallic accents side table trio - Laura U Interior Design

You can also use metallic pieces to bring together different color tones. The warm bronze metallic finish of the Arteriors Home Lowery side table trio complements the cooler tones of the blue sofa and lavender chair. It’s an inviting, modern space that you can relax in and enjoy.

Charcoal gray sofa with metallic accents coffee table and vibrant red rug - Laura U Interior Design

And of course, you can never go wrong with classic metallic silver. This silver metallic coffee table pulls together the charcoal gray sofa and the red and gray rug to give the room a very cohesive feel. And the texture on the coffee table adds an industrial vibe to the space – so chic!


A striking light fixture is one of my favorite ways to add a touch of metallic in a space. A light fixture with a dramatic sheen can make a big first impression because it’s one of the first things to catch your eye when entering a room. When you’re using a light fixture as a focal point, be sure the other pieces in the space aren’t competing with the fixture.

 Aerin Mill Ceiling Light metallic accents in mid-century inspired entry way - Laura U Interior Design

A light fixture for your entryway sets the tone for your guests when they enter. So you want to make sure it’s not only stunning but that it also provides lots of light. I love how this Aerin Mill Ceiling Light is almost like an art piece and allows the light to really shine through. The gold sheen in the light and frame seamlessly bring together the deep red accent rug and dark green background of the artwork.

Dramatic white and gold open kitchen with large metallic accents light fixture - Laura U Interior Design

An open kitchen is another space where you might consider using a dramatic light fixture. To pull the look together, incorporate other metallic touches in the kitchen. A metallic vent hood or drawer pulls give the space a modern and industrial feel. And I LOVE how all the natural light in this kitchen makes the metallic accents shine!

Arteriors Home metallic accents lamps in modern living space - Laura U Interior Design

If you don’t have the space for a large statement light or prefer a more understated light option, you can always opt for a table or floor lamp. The metallic finish on these Adair Lamps by Arteriors Home add a whimsical touch and complement the overall aesthetic of the room.

Drapery and Wall Décor

If you’re looking to refresh a space, consider using a metallic drapery or adding a piece of metallic wall décor. These pieces can easily be updated and give the space a fresh feeling instantly while leaving the original design elements in place.

Home study with moroccan inspired metallic accents curtains - Laura U Interior Design

This Moroccan-inspired office features a dark wood finish on the cabinets and shelves and a deep finish on the desk. The bright pink drapes with gold embroidery help lighten up the space and are a playful contrast to all the dark wood. It’s the perfect way to add a bit of understated shine.

Metallic accents patterned wallcovering with gorgeous gold art piece - Laura U Interior Design

A hallway or entryway is a fabulous space to get creative with your wall décor. This dazzling art piece almost looks like an enlargement of the patterned wallcovering. It gives the hallway depth, dimension and creates a focal point. It’s a wonderful surprise for your guests when they turn the corner!

But you don’t have to limit yourself to just a single piece of wall décor or use one metallic finish. Combining different finishes creates a unique and daring look. This installation of art objects by Gold Leaf Design Group blends together the bright gold metallic finish on the light fixture with the cooler, silver gray wall color.

Metallic accents art objects by Gold Leaf Design Group - Laura U Interior Design

As you think about how to incorporate metallic accents in your design, start off with the room’s color palette. Select a metallic finish that will complement the colors, not compete with it. Next, consider if you’re ready to commit to a large statement piece. If not, use a few accessories or add a metallic accented table lamp. No matter how you decide to blend metallics into your design, I know your space is going to shine!

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