It’s too easy to slip into a summertime slump and your home décor may be reflecting – or even affecting – your mood. It’s just SO hot outside, you’re likely dreaming of an adventurous getaway to some place far away and fabulous, and all you want to do is lounge by the pool. Trust me, no judgement here! Although summer is a time of leisure and relaxation, there is no excuse to fall behind in your #designgoals.

Consider this your mid-summer pep talk! Adding brand new injections of color to an interior is one of my favorite ways to breathe new life into a home. Just like that cool pool you are daydreaming about right about now, blue is my color of choice this summer.

Whether sky, cobalt, marine, navy, royal or any other shade that catches your eye, blue tones are chic, elegant, modern and cozy all at the same time. When it comes to working with blue, the possibilities are endless, and the team here at Laura U loves to work with this beautiful and versatile shade.

Keep reading to see some of our favorite ways to conquer the design blues this summer and easily incorporate this stunning shade into your home.

Mix and Match

At Laura U, we look to the icons and methods of the past and then we throw it in a blender and shake it up to make it current. I am sure you have heard (just once or twice) the famed Bunny Williams quote: “If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.”  We concur, Bunny! That’s why we are big fans of mixing and matching different styles, textures, and even tones of blue whenever we can. A good mixture of light and dark tones is a great way to create a room that is equal parts inviting and dapper.

For example, we popped the border of this cabana drapery with an electric royal blue but kept the cushion on the hanging bed just a dash softer. Then we brought in navy, aqua, and even cornflower blue (thanks, Crayola!) on the pillows.

Another little mixing and matching tidbit: If you have an assortment of pillows, draperies, etc… with just aqua or just navy, bring in an art piece or a rug with both colors to unite the palette. We also love to bring in what we call a “foil” to the color scheme. Something that will set it off. In the room below, that color is the vibrant orange that you see on the USM cabinets, one of the little bunching tables, and in the pillows. Done and done!

You can probably guess that our “foil” color in this bedroom – which is joyfully full of blue tones – is the muted grassy green on the Euro shams. I love the mix of the deep aqua on the bench at the foot of the bed (sigh…those bench feet!), the deeper blue on the rug, and the cheery blue on the planter.

Get creative with some moody blues (aka darker blue tones)

Kids’ rooms just look great in blue. For a prepster or a princess, an adventurous little boy or the girliest girl, we can find the perfect way to use blue throughout the space. In this sporty boy’s room, we again paired a deep blue with a startling orange (clearly they are BFF’s!). Dark blue rugs like this are perfect for hiding stains too which, in turn, makes your life that much easier.

In this sweet room, the wallpaper (called Globetrotter – one of my faves) is a light blue on a white ground. We then repeat the blue and white combo in the bedding and the rug. The crisp white custom built-in bed and storage makes for a practical (can anyone say easy touch ups?) and bright element in the space. And how cozy must this kiddo feel tucked into the bed every night?

Testing out the texture

Introduce blue into your home anywhere and everywhere! Think about how a textured wall hanging, floor or wall tile, or a bomb stair runner can elevate the overall look and feel of your space. Complement your natural walnut stair treads with a to-die-for animal print runner or pair that blue penny round tile with some bold orange pendants (clearly, we love this combo around here).

You are NOT limited by your small space!

A deep blue – like on the Le Corbusier Wallpaper below – is chic and timeless. Even the smallest of spaces like a breakfast nook, a powder room, or just a niche in a hallway, can be the perfect place to play with a bold blue. An unexpected punch of cobalt may be just what your interior is missing at the moment.

By now, you’re feeling energized about how to beat those summer design blues and I would love to see how you conquer the doldrum! Don’t leave us hanging – chime in below or shoot us a note at We may just feature your blue solution here!

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