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For us, creating a home the reflects your story goes beyond the interiors. It includes the physical space and the grounds outside your home as well. This exterior space is the first impression anyone has of your home and it sets the tone for the rest of your home’s design, the so-called “curb appeal”. If you’re investing in a complete interior design, it’s important not to neglect the exterior.

We love working with landscape architects and landscape designers, a term I’ll use interchangeably here, to ensure that the outside of our clients’ homes are as beautiful as the interior spaces.

First, what is a landscape architect?

A landscape architect is licensed and trained to build gardens that maintain the integrity of the natural environment. They have a deep grasp of the overall environment and how that plays into the design of your landscape. They understand the principles of horticulture, proper watering techniques, and what sustainable materials to use. They also know how to analyze your home’s unique landscape to design your ideal outdoor space, using the right plants and systems for the natural environment.

Working with a landscape designer allows you to create beautiful outdoor areas that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. That means you can be confident your landscape will be sustainable and enhance the natural beauty of your home.

Today, I want to share five important ways homeowners benefit from working with a landscape architect.

1. Landscape architects understand irrigation and water systems.

In Houston, erosion can be a huge issue. Having proper water drainage gives your garden a much higher likelihood of success. Our Willowick client lost much of their backyard because of flooding from Buffalo Bayou. With the help of a landscape architect, they were able to build that land back up with simply gorgeous results.

A landscape expert knows how to design a garden to properly drain the water. They can construct the perfect drip irrigation system and design gardens that filter the maximum amount of water back into the ground.

2. Landscape architects have experience with large gardens and native plants.

A landscape designer can build out a garden so exquisite and properly planned. Certainly, not something that you can DIY. With their knowledge and experience, they know what works and what doesn’t according to climate, soil type, rainfall, and many other factors. They can take your vision and select the perfect plants, textures, and styles to bring it to life.

As I was designing the landscaping for my home, I knew I wanted an English style garden. These beautiful gardens are made of planting beds linked together with gravel pathways. Knowing how to make these separate pieces look beautiful and function properly takes training and experience. Working with the experts at Moss Landscaping, we were able to design a parterre garden suitable for the Houston climate.

With their knowledge of the local climate and environment, a landscape architect helps select plants that will thrive and survive in your climate. If you live in the desert or a tropical climate like Houston, a low-maintenance garden with native plants is a great way to go. Adding native plants to your garden reduces your water costs and helps local insect life flourish.

As a mom to twins and a dog, I knew they played a role in the types of plants I used in my landscaping. Many common plants like foxgloves and lantana, as beautiful as they are, can be toxic. A landscape designer ensures your garden is full of beautiful, non-harmful options everyone can enjoy.

Exterior of the Willowick Residence in Houston, designed by Laura U
The Willowick Residence | Houston, TX


3. Landscape architects create sustainable designs.

Seasonal flooding is something that many Houston homeowners experience in their backyard. A landscape designer, like Tellepsen Landscaping, can design a proper rain garden to allow water from your sidewalk and lawn back into the ground. They can suggest materials to use for your driveway and pavement that reduce water runoff and blend into the overall design.

A landscape architect helps with installing green roofs and adding edible plants. For the environmentally conscious homeowner, a landscape architect can help integrate systems for rainwater harvesting and composting into your backyard. With a landscape designer, you can be confident those systems will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your home’s surroundings.

4. Landscape architects design energy efficient gardens.

Using trees and shrubs strategically in your landscape can lower your heating and cooling costs and reduce your energy bills. They know where to plant gardens and trees to shelter your home from the heat and cold.

Overwatering is one of the most common problems homeowners experience with their gardens. A landscape architect helps you preserve water by making sure you’re utilizing the appropriate amount. They’ll design a system that delivers the necessary amount of water to each area of your garden.

5. Landscape architects create cohesive designs that blend indoor and outdoor spaces.

Indoor and outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular with homeowners, and there is a bonus: an increase in the resale value of your home. Research has shown working with a landscape designer can increase your home’s value by as much as 15%! A landscape designer is well suited to design spaces that highlight the beauty of nature and maximize your outdoor living space.

They can incorporate features like fountains, fire pits or an outdoor kitchen in a welcoming and sustainable way. They’ll work with you to design a gorgeous, natural-looking pool area that blends into the surroundings. A landscape architect ensures your outdoor space is beautiful, functional, and allows you to enjoy what nature has to offer to the fullest.

Great landscape design example in Houston
Stunningly simple design = massive curb appeal


Landscape design in Houston, West University
I love the wide stones leading up to the front door


Landscape design around a pool and cabana
If you have a pool, great landscaping is a must!

Why Landscape Architects are Important

A landscape architect is someone who understands landscapes are a combination of systems and design. They’re equipped to create a plan that addresses the uniqueness of your property to ensure it’s energy efficient and sustainable. With their deep understanding of the environment, they help you select beautiful plants that will thrive in your garden.

A landscape architect ensures that your home’s surroundings match the beautiful interiors inside. They design outdoor living spaces that add value to your home and make being outside with friends and family a joy.

If you’re considering a home renovation project to make your home’s interior and exterior look gorgeous, let’s chat! I’ve worked with some of the best in Houston and would love to provide a referral.



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