Neutral colors like shades of white, cream and light brown are the most popular colors to use when painting your home. These tones work with any other color and don’t lend themselves to a specific design style. They’re subtle, timeless and provide the perfect background for any space.

Recently, black has also become more popular to use. It works with more traditional neutral colors, by adding dimension to the space without adding color. And of course, black and white is a classic color combination that will never go out of style. Gray is the perfect middle ground for a classic, modern or transitional space, however finding the perfect shade can be tricky. I’ve rounded up 9 of my favorite go-to gray paint colors that are perfect for any space in your home!

Masculine Family Space, Warm Neutrals, Dark wood flooring

Why is gray wall paint a must?

Gray is the new neutral. It has more depth than white or cream and looks incredibly sophisticated in any space. Whether you’re going for a more dramatic look or something more subtle, there’s a perfect shade of gray!

Crisp white Master bedroom, Vaulted Ceiling, Gold accents

This photo showcases Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams 

A dark shade of gray is perfect for creating a bolder statement, while a lighter gray makes the space feel soft and cozy, giving it a very warm and inviting atmosphere. And because gray pairs with just about anything, it makes your decorating process almost hassle-free.

What do you pair with gray?

If you’re looking for a base color for the majority of the rooms in your home, a light gray would be a great alternative to white or cream. And it’s a perfect match for dark hardwood flooring – the contrast is stunning!

Dark gray works beautifully when paired with light floors. Or for a very glamorous look, pair it with marble in a bathroom. A dark gray is also a great color for an accent wall. Just remember to add some lighter colors in the space to make sure it doesn’t get too dark.

But no matter what gray you use, something I love is pairing gray with is gold accents. Whether it’s fixtures, gold framed art or accessories, gold against gray is so chic!

Finding the perfect gray paint color - Laura U Interior Design

Agreeable Gray (SW), Anew Gray (SW), Armory (PPG), Bracken Slate (BM), Dorian Gray (SW), Mega Greige (SW), Toque White (SW), which is the main wall color at my own home! Tucker Gray (BM), and Zombie (PPG).

So as you thinking about choosing a neutral paint color for your home, I hope today’s post gave you some inspiration on how to incorporate the color gray. Whether your home is more traditional or modern in style, gray works with any design style. This versatile color adds depth, dimension and will never go out of style.

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2 thoughts on “9 gray paint colors that look great every time

  1. Lee Polson on April 2, 2019 at 2:16 pm Reply

    Glad you’re on the same page as me. I very much like light gray as my base color and then match it up with black and gold furniture and white accents on the walls. I think it’s very chic. I love every corner of my house, thanks to my contractors’ amazing job well done. I just wanna know is dark gray perfect for bathrooms or the light gray would be ideal?

    1. Laura U on April 3, 2019 at 2:16 pm Reply

      Thanks for reading, Lee! What kind of natural light does your bathroom have? If there is a lot of sunshine coming in, go with a light gray. Lighter hues reflect sunshine better. Dark grays work well in darker rooms. So if you have a bathroom without windows, I suggest going dark. Hope that helps!

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