Have you been staring at the same blank spot on your wall for months now unsure of what to do with the space? Selecting the perfect piece of art to complement your home’s interior can be a daunting task since there are essentially unlimited styles, artists and genres to choose from.

As an interior designer, I work with clients all the time to find the perfect pieces for their interiors and one of my favorite local art galleries to source stunning and unique works of art is Laura Rathe Fine Art. Not only does Laura have a fabulous name, but I can always count on her galleries (two in Houston and one in Dallas) to have an amazing selection of contemporary art on display, as well as an impressive range of exhibitions and programming available in both cities.

 When it comes to contemporary art, Laura is the go-to source and I recently chatted with her about steps homeowners should take to select the right pieces for their interiors, common challenges and solutions for choosing the right pieces, and even learned a bit about her personal art collection!

Read on for a recap of our conversation and tips to keep in mind as you continue your journey to find the perfect pieces of art for your home.

 With so many different types of art to choose from, what is the first thing a homeowner should do when they begin the process of searching for the perfect piece for an interior?

It’s a good idea to build a relationship with a trusted gallery that represents artists that speak to you. The gallerist will steer the homeowner in an educated direction that fits their comfort level. Through the gallery, the homeowner will have a direct connection to extraordinary work and the developing world of art.

What is the most important thing homeowners should keep in mind when sourcing art for their interiors?

You need to buy what you love. When you buy what you really love not only will you enjoy it everyday, but it will continue to resonate for many years. Your home is your heart, and the art you house should be a reflection of that, of you and your character.

What are some challenges you see clients run into when selecting art for their homes and how can people avoid them?

We have so many great artists to choose from! It can be overwhelming. Clients should keep in mind that there is often more than one piece that will work in a particular space. That’s why I feel it is imperative to see work physically installed in the space. We offer to deliver a selection of pieces to the home free of charge, so the client can see firsthand what works and what they love most. They can even live with the work for a few days before making a decision.

Describe your favorite piece of art in your own home.

I have an Alexi Torres oil painting of Andy Warhol. The portrait appears to be knitted or woven in grains of wheat. I love the combination of an iconic leader of the art world and the dramatic composition. Every time I come home it reminds me of why I love what I do.

What kind of art will visitors find at the Laura Rathe galleries?

I have three galleries in Texas, two in Houston and one in Dallas, which I encourage you to visit whether for an opening or really anytime you are in the area. We represent almost 50 mid-career and established artists, working in a wide variety of media and do our best to regularly rotate what’s on view. You will find works by both national and international artists and a range of price points to meet your needs.

If you are searching for the perfect piece of contemporary art to complement the interior of your home, I highly encourage you to pay Laura a visit. It is rare to find someone with more knowledge of contemporary art than Laura and she is always willing to go above and beyond to help her clients find the perfect piece for its for forever home.

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