Art can be transformative. As both art lovers and interior designers, the Laura U team often encourages our clients to select art during their travels that remind them of their adventures abroad. Here’s a secret: one couple actually gives each other unique art pieces as gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. You can imagine over a marriage of 30 years what your house might come to look like or what artists you might discover!

Everyone should have art in their home. It doesn’t have to be Van Gogh or Rothko; it can be something small and unassuming. But in order to find what you like….you have to look.

We’ve rounded up some of our artist crushes. See if anyone’s work transports you.

Set a Tone or Evoke a Mood

Artists we're totally crushing on - set a mood

Just as a statement piece of furniture can elevate or change a space, a work of art can establish a tone for guests. Lynn Sanders evokes peace and tranquility with this peace. The focus on soft shapes and colors might remind people of the ocean or a relaxing afternoon.

The title “Presents of Happiness” seems very apt!

Artists we're totally crushing on

Allison Stewart mixes industrial feels with childlike finger painting in this piece called “Through the Bloom”. It is similar to the Sanders piece but has a distinctly different attitude.

This piece evokes a feeling of calm waters with many things happening beneath the surface. It could be calming for some, but empowering for others! We could definitely see this in a gorgeous foyer as a statement piece that immediately welcomes guests and makes them think.

Artists we're totally crushing on

Alicia Gitlitz focuses predominantly on abstract works. This piece combines the energy of the second painting with the softness of the first painting.

What makes this piece crush-worthy? The colors blur from pinks to yellows to violets, mauves, and reds with just a touch of indigo. It’s subtle, but still has something to say.

Color, Content, & Composition

Artists we're totally crushing on

There’s something to be said for color, content, and composition — even in abstract art. The way the colors work together, the texturing techniques, and the whitespace on a canvas can heavily impact the feel of a room.

This piece from Bobbie Burgers shows off how large format and bold, abstract brush strokes aren’t that intimidating. While it definitely asks to be looked at, it doesn’t interrogate the viewer. Pair this with an understated couch and accent lamps for a quiet, thoughtful sitting room.

Artists we're totally crushing on

Another option is to find art showcasing something you really love — like butterflies. This piece from Hunt Slonem combines variety (the spice of life) with deft brushwork.

You can find a sense of self and a sense of renewal or growth in this, as well as a sense of comfort. The antique frame might work for certain stylings, but don’t feel constrained. Art is subjective and so is frame selection!

It Doesn’t Have to be a Painting You Know…

Artists we're totally crushing on - artist crushes, art can be a photograph

It’s true — art isn’t just paintings, but you already know that. From Ansel Adams to Annie Leibovitz, photography can make just as much of an impact as any other art medium. That’s why we really love this shot from Gregory Colbert.

It plays with perspective, expectations, but it’s also really beautifully edited. The shadows and highlights are Instagram AND crush-worthy.

Artists we're totally crushing on - artist crushes, art transforms a space

Yes, yes, YES to light sculptures.

SkLO works with many different mediums but creates stellar works of art using pipe lighting like this chandelier known lasso 48.

Don’t let the name fool you: it doesn’t have to be in a Western-themed room. A piece like this can transform even the most seemingly drab of rooms by virtue of itself. As seen in the image above, you can pair it with other works of art for added impact.

Artists were totally crushing on, artist crushes, art can be simple yet impactful

Last, but certainly not least on our artist crust list is Jean Baptiste.

His geometric-inspired pieces combine the creative with the structured for unique experiences. This piece is perfect for a design office or productivity space.

What do you think? Did any of your current artist crushes make the cut? Let us know and don’t forget to check out our Pinterest for more home decor and design tips!