As we head into the depths of summer, the design team at Laura U sat down for a pow-wow over fresh-squeezed OJ, pencils and butter paper in-hand. After putting our heads together with help from the fabulous Tai Ping team, we now have a clear direction for the design of our five custom rugs. In concert with Tai Ping’s manufacturing know-how and our design skills, we are confident that our Chopped and Screwed Chinoiserie rug collection is going to be a hit.

Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at our creative process and sneak peek of our designs!

Corbin Perkins of Tai Ping got into the technical material and production details of how their rugs are manufactured. It was an education for the entire team here at Laura U! We reviewed the processes of hand-knotting and hand-tufting, knot counts, fiber types, and denure (the thickness of the yarn) and how each of the design implications of each of these decisions. Sky’s the limit on options here, but we have narrowed our focus and made real headway.

As designers, our job is to understand not only why pieces we recommend to our clients are aesthetically compelling for their homes but also to inform them of the composition, provenance, and durability of each product. This is why working with vendors like Tai Ping and Corbin is so important to what we do every day. They arm us with the knowledge to make decisions on what to incorporate into our interiors – the beauty – the why – the technical knowledge.

Here is the gist of the collection: two designs that are a structured composition based on traditional fretwork, two designs that are organic based on an antique Chinese screen and an antique Ginger Jar, and one fabulous exercise in texture. We have also landed on a color palette of blues, greens, and neutrals including naturally dyed wools, silks, cashmere, and potentially Tai Ping’s Field Wool, which is their performance fiber.

All in all, we had a lovely working session and I am thrilled with the design development on our collection! Stay tuned for our final sketches as we continue to work toward the finished samples. Can’t wait to show you all the team’s designs!