How is it already halfway through February?! April will be here before we know it which is so exciting and…a little scary. There is still quite a bit to get done on the BLVD Show House, but we have been progressing much quicker since the new year started. We recently installed the sheetrock which was a huge step! Next up, is the installation of the flooring and tile, nailing down all fabrics, furnishings and getting everything ordered. It’s definitely been a super busy process among all other things, but I’m loving it!

It’s truly a special experience getting to design your own home and I’m so pleased with how the design is coming along. The layout of the home has been transformed, and the progress we’ve been making on the selections for each space has been so exciting! And I just HAVE to share some of the details with you. So today, I’m unveiling some highlights from my dining room.

BLVD Show House Sneak Peek: Dining Room

The dining room pre-demo day and the new sheetrock – it needed an update!

The dining room had a lot of potential and great bones, to begin with. Just look at the chandelier and ceiling molding – that will stay as is! We are just doing a little retouching and updating. But one major change we will be making is to the windows. Marvin Windows and Doors is installing brand new, custom designed windows at the front exterior. We know these are going to be fabulous and will match the traditional, historic design of the home beautifully.

BLVD Show House Sneak Peek: Dining Room

We will be adding a few new things to the room as well. So here are a few highlights from my design board. It’s still a work in progress, but things are really coming to together. I can definitely imagine hosting dinner parties in this space and rounding the top of my list for one of my favorite rooms so far.

BLVD Show House Sneak Peek: Dining Room

Let tell you how excited I am for this! Y’all know I love to make a statement with a bold color, so we will be using a wallpaper called “Indigo Garden” from Gracie Studio. It’s the perfect blend of bold color, sophistication, and elegance with the indigo/blue tones against a cream background. It’s custom printed and hand-painted to fit the dining room perfectly. It’s absolutely stunning!

BLVD Show House Sneak Peek: Dining Room

Then, the flooring will be designed and installed by Schenck & Company. (the leaders in the industry!) They’ll be installing French Oak hardwood floors throughout the 1st floor. This color is brand new into their warehouse and I’m so excited to be the first to use it in my home! Here’s a peek at the unstained French oak, it’ll have a richer color when it’s installed.

BLVD Show House Sneak Peek: Dining Room

The doors in the dining room will be from TruStile Doors. They’ll be similar to the white door shown above and will connect to the butler’s pantry. And Symbio will be installing invisible speakers in the dining room – how cool is that?! They will definitely give the space the perfect surround-sound ambiance when we were hosting guests.

BLVD Show House Sneak Peek: Dining Room

We selected a round table in a Mink finish from Bernhardt. The rich, dark color will pair beautifully with the indigo in the wallpaper. It has an adjustable glide that allows the table to expand, which will be great for when we are hosting large dinner parties. In our Dryden home, we had these fabulous host chairs from Century and we absolutely love them! We knew they would look gorgeous with the table and work great in this new dining room as well.

BLVD Show House Sneak Peek: Dining Room

Similar Crypton drapery will be going in the Dining Room – so light and fresh! (Photo via Crypton)

For the dining room drapery, we’ve selected fabric from Crypton in the Heather Snow colorway. The snow-white drapery is elegant and crisp, which will be a beautiful contrast to the bold design of the wallpaper. We love that Crypton specializes in high-performance fabrics that hold up to stains, spills and even WINE! It’s the perfect mix of luxury and functional living…perfect for my home!

Progress, Progress!

I’m so excited to be able to share my home’s progress with you so far. This room is going to be special and I can’t wait to have everything installed. April is fast approaching and there is still so much to do, but it’s going to be so worth it in the end! You know we’ll be keeping busy over here, so be sure to check back for the final updates on my dining room. And you can always see more progress updates on Facebook and the Boulevard Show House website.



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