I can’t believe how much progress has been made on our interior spaces of the Boulevard Show House! We’ve laid out design boards and pretty much-finished selections for the foyer and stairway, pool/cabana space and the family room/playroom area. Things are quickly coming together on the inside. And while I’m super excited about all this interior progress, I want to jump back out to the exterior of the Boulevard Show House. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so does that mean your windows are the eyes to the soul of your home? At any rate, let’s talk Windows!

A very important component in the renovation of our 1920’s home is the windows and doors. It was such a (happy) surprise when our team at Newberry Architecture did their study and walk through of the house and found that many of the windows in the guest room and living room had been sheet-rocked over! This means I will be able to bring in more natural light to brighten up the home. The media room was also full of windows which have since been removed. So right now most of the windows in the house are waiting to be replaced.

More natural light, please!

So, with an opportunity to bring in more light with new, gorgeous windows we HAD to call upon the experts at Marvin Windows and Doors. In today’s edition of “Ask the Experts”, we’re sitting down with Emily Poshka, Marvin Field Marketing, to discuss the process of building custom windows and doors. Plus, I’m getting a little scoop on what windows and doors will be going into our home.

Boulevard Show House: Ask the Experts with Marvin Windows and Doors

Not the prettiest sight huh? I can’t wait for my custom, gorgeous windows to go up…and a clear pool (but that’s another story!)

LU: Tell us about your role in the Boulevard Show House project and what Marvin Windows and Doors is working on specifically?

MW: Marvin Windows and Doors is built around the customer. The Boulevard Show House is a combination of historic/traditional architecture in the front and contemporary/modern architecture in the back. Our diverse product offering allows us to compliment both traditional and modern design aesthetics while increasing the overall performance and energy efficiency of the home. We will be partnering with our dealer, Western Pacific Building Materials, in Houston, TX to provide windows and doors for Laura’s house.

LU: What will you be installing in the Boulevard Show House?

MW: In the front, we’ll be matching the historic look of the original windows but increasing their performance and energy efficiency. The windows will include the all wood construction, diamond divided light pattern and traditional stile/rail profiles. The windows in the back will be a bit more design forward. To create clean lines, we will be using a mix of Marvin Contemporary Aluminum Clad products in a dark color palette.

LU: What rooms will you be working on?

MW: We will be providing windows and doors for the whole house. Because of our flexible design platform, our products will integrate seamlessly into both contemporary and historic homes. We’re so excited to be able to showcase both styles in The Boulevard Show House.

Boulevard Show House: Ask the Experts with Marvin Windows and Doors

We’re making major updates by mixing in modern and traditional windows into my Historic Home!

LU: How did the window selection process work for our home?

MW: Whether it is new construction, remodeling projects, choosing replacement windows and doors or historical restorations, Marvin never takes shortcuts and always adheres to the highest levels of service. We make it our priority to be a partner to our customers through every step of the process, to go above and beyond what is expected. Our architectural team worked with Laura to select the best products and finishes to make sure that the windows and doors match the home’s two distinct styles.

LU: How did you get involved in this project? 

MW: We’re lucky to be able to work with some other great industry partners and we were actually referred to Laura by Newberry Architects. We love that Laura U creates spaces that are refined, yet practical and liveable at the same time. At Marvin, we design our products to not only be aesthetically pleasing but to offer unprecedented performance. So we knew that partnering with Laura would be a perfect match.

LU: Introduce us to the team members involved in this project, what are their roles?

MW: There are many parts to this project so we’ve put together a team of people from Marvin and Western Pacific Building Materials to make sure that each aspect is carefully planned, coordinated and executed properly. The team will consist of Kevin Kline – Marvin Regional Manager, John Murrell – Marvin Territory Manager, Brian Baggett – Marvin Architectural Project Manager, Brian Shafer – Dealer Sales Representative for Western Pacific Building Materials and myself.

LU: What needs to happen first in order for you to install the many new windows throughout our home? 

MW: Marvin® Windows and Doors uses its Built Around You® philosophy with every customer and every solution. We are dedicated to creating products that make the places you live and work more meaningful. Initially, our team worked with Laura and Michael to understand their lifestyle and determine which products would be most efficient and best suited for their home. We work directly with the general contractor to ensure that measurement information used to order products is accurate. We are big believers in the “measure twice, cut once” philosophy.

Boulevard Show House: Ask the Experts with Marvin Windows and Doors

Marvin Windows & Doors are fully custom! So they work with you to create a design that fits your needs!

LU: What is the process for picking the right windows for each room? 

MW: We are a premier manufacturer of made-to-order wood and clad wood windows and doors. We offer the industry’s most extensive selection of shapes, styles, sizes and options to fit the diverse needs of builders and to match the personalities of homeowners. The Marvin family of brands prides itself on delivering the finest craftsmanship in windows and doors.

LU: Will it be difficult to install new windows in a historic home?

MW: We are very familiar with handling replacement windows in remodeling projects, but with any renovation project you never know what you might run into. We also want to make sure that the windows and doors match the traditional architectural styles properly.

LU: Did you have to get the new windows approved by Historic Houston?

MW: We submitted drawings of the windows to the project builder and architect who then submitted the details to Historic Houston.

LU: Tell us about Marvin Windows and Doors. What’s your specialty and the background behind your products? 

MW: We are a family of brands that are built on more than a century of excellence and expertise! We are known as one of the industry’s leaders in window and door technologies. One of our brands, Integrity® Windows and Doors, is the world’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of windows and doors made with Ultrex. Ultrex is a state-of-the-art fiberglass material that can resist fading, cracking and peeling to keep your home looking great for years to come.

LU: How can people get in contact Marvin Windows and Doors?

MW: The best way to get in contact with us is to visit Marvin.com to call or email us directly. You can also search our Find a Dealer page to locate the one of our knowledgeable, local and independent dealers closest to you.

LU: Do you have any advice for people wanting to install and replace their windows in their home?

First, you want to determine your needs. Ask yourself what architectural look you’re trying to achieve or what materials make sense for your location. Then start collecting information about companies and products. Do some research online and talk to your friends and family to learn about the companies they used and experiences they had. Next, stop by a showroom. See the products in person. Check out the different types of glass, exterior colors, interior finishes, hardware, etc. and then finalize your selections. Before you place an order, be sure to ask questions. What is the product lead time, how long does it take for them to be installed, what is the clean-up process and is there a warranty? Then most importantly, enjoy your new views!

Boulevard Show House: Ask the Experts with Marvin Windows and Doors

Just Stunning – looking forward to having similar windows in my home! 

Thank you so much for your insight, Emily! I’m so excited to be able to use these products in our home. Marvin Windows and Doors not only creates beautiful and durable windows but they are also industry leaders! They are challenging the idea of what windows and doors can do for your home, which is perfect for a renovation. I can’t wait to see what amazing ideas and products they come up with for the Boulevard Show House. Whatever they recommend, I know it’s going to be gorgeous and perfectly tailored to my home. There’s just nothing better than that!

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