6 Tips for Designing with Vibrant Colors

We tend to correlate a refined design with neutrals and basics, but who said incorporating bursts of color into a design can’t evoke the same maturity? Working with bright and fun hues are staples of my Classically Current designs, and I love showing my clients that neutrals aren’t the only way to create a chic and sophisticated design.

Check out my top six tips for designing with color, and please excuse the generous amount of images I’m about to share!


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Wow with White

I absolutely love what a pop of color or a splash of pattern can do for an interior, but what about a monochromatic interior? For the daring designer, this delicate-yet-bold approach to interior design can produce a stunning finished product.

White’s timeless versatility allows an interior designer to create a multitude of looks. From modern and luxurious, to cozy and welcoming, white has the ability to showcase it all!

Here are some tips to consider when working with an all white palette.

All White Bathroom

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Plush Blush

It’s hard to believe that we are already a week into May, but before we make the official transition from spring to summer, I want to give recognition to a gorgeous springtime hue that has gained popularity in the interior design world recently and continues to make its way into my classically current designs. That’s right, I’m talking about blush.

I personally love to pair this soft, pale pink shade with gold or grey accents to bring an elegant, feminine touch to the interior design of a space. Whether in the form of pillows, furniture pieces and everything in between, including this subtle hue into a room’s design can have a big impact on the space and may just be the perfect addition to complete your look! Here are some examples of how I’ve blended blush into my interiors, and additional pieces I can’t wait to incorporate in my future classically current designs.

Plush Bedroom Interior Design

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Color Psychology 101 – What does your room represent?

If asked what I think is the most important aspect of the interior design of a room, I would not miss a beat before saying color. Vivacious hues bring a room to life and add personality to bland spaces. Yes, constructing the perfect color palette is certainly an art form in the interior design world, but it’s also a science!

In fact, studies have shown that different colors featured in a room can bring about certain psychological and even physiological effects in people. In short, the color of a room literally provokes distinctly different moods. This method of design is referred to as color psychology, and it is a very important aspect to carefully consider when planning the design of a space.

So what vibes do certain shades give off? Here’s a guide to Color Psychology 101!

bathroom interior design

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Kitchen Meet Color: Big Chill Appliances

Kitchens are often the most difficult room in the house to incorporate pops of color into the design. Enter Big Chill Appliances to save the day!

Big Chill offers brightly colored kitchen appliances as a splashy alternative to the standard black, white or stainless appliances that have become our go-tos. From refrigerators and dish washers to stoves and microwaves, Big Chill’s vibrant, retro, and modern styles are what our classically current dreams are made of.

In a recent visit to the Big Chill website, a gorgeous cabernet and copper stove caught my eye and it was love at first sight. Immediately, the design ideas started flowing and I began thinking off all the ways I would design a fab kitchen around this stove alone. Far too impatient to wait for a real-life opportunity, I instinctively began creating a style board for a fantasy kitchen with this gorgeous appliance at the center.

Here is the result of my most recent interior design daydream!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Color

I love to incorporate splashes of color into my client’s interiors. In fact, dashes of thoughtful color are a crucial trademark of Classically Current. As with many aspects of life, all good things are best enjoyed in moderation and this certainly rings true when incorporating color into design.

So, how much color is too much? How do you strike a comfortable balance between saturated hues and neutral tones? These questions can be overwhelming for anyone just defining their color palette, but don’t let them deter you from experimenting. Here are some of my favorite ways to liven up a space with vivacious tones.

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