Mountain Modern in Aspen: Commercial Interior Design at Isberian Co.

Aspen is one of my favorite places on earth. Last month, the Umansky clan hopped into our car (yes, Archie too!) and made the trek from Houston to Snowmass for all of July. It was glorious. The hiking, the sunshine, the lovely weather…all were made that much brighter in the Aspen breeze. Summers there are second-to-none and many of our Houston friends agree. Escaping the oppressive humidity of Texas, there were several Houstonians making Aspen their go-to summer retreats.

While relaxation was on the top of our to-do lists, this was still a working vacation. Each morning Michael and I would carry our laptops to the patio, working against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and lush, green treetops. I even got out of my comfort zone a little bit with an Aspen commercial interior design project!

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LU Spends the Day in New Orleans

Art, Antiques, and Great Food – New Orleans with Laura U

It’s Valentine’s Day, and while I’m not the most sentimental person, I cannot help but get into the giddy spirit of the holiday of love. To me, V-Day is a celebration of all the things that make you happy. Whether you’re married or single, whether you find joy in your kids or your work, take some time today to embrace the love you have for whatever it is that makes you happy.

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