Home office chairs can define the entire look of your home office. The challenge is that most chairs are either designed for comfort or style, but not both. Many of my clients think they have to sacrifice style in order to have a comfortable desk chair. But that’s not the case! You can have a office chair that’s comfortable and stylish. Here are a few of my tips for selecting your perfect office chair.

Tips for Selecting Home Office Chairs

It doesn’t matter whether you use your office chair for hours every day or a few times a week. It’s important to select a chair that’s durable and that can stand up to the continual use. You want to make sure it’s oh-so-comfortable and gives you the proper support. As you think about what chair will work best for your office, here are a few things to think about.

1. Find a Supportive Chair

The most important part of an office chair is the lumbar support. This helps support the natural curve of your lower back to maintain good posture. If you fall in love with a chair, but wish it had more support, don’t worry! You can add a decorative pillow to add additional support and make the chair more comfortable.

2. Consider Your Flooring

For offices that have hardwood or tile floors, office chairs with casters are a great option. If you’ll be using the chair on a rug or carpet, consider using a chair with stationery legs or with hard rubber wheels.

3. Don’t Neglect the Armrests

Armrests align your arms which helps reduce stress. An office chair with arms is a great option if you’ll be sitting down and typing for long periods of time. If you’re working at a table and need a chair that slides out of the way, use a chair without arms.

Mark Albrecht chic office chairs - minimalist home office chairs with woven leather and metal

Mark Albrecht chic office chairs – minimalist home office chairs with woven leather and metal

This task chair with arms from Mark Albrecht is great for those who do a lot of typing or writing. The woven leather seat and back add visual interest and texture to your office. The chair’s simple silhouette and timeless design make it perfect for a minimalist or mid-century style office.

4. True Comfort = Adjustability

Determining whether you need an adjustable office chair depends on the height of your desk. The average height of a office chair is between 16 and 21 inches. You want to make sure your feet are flat on the floor and your arms are in line with the desk when you’re sitting. If you’re taller or have a taller desk, you may want an adjustable office chair.

My Favorite, Chic Office Chairs

A home office should be both functional and stylish with a cohesive connection to the design of your home. One of the best parts about having a home office is that you don’t have to use the typical desk chair. It’s okay to do something different!

Chic office chair designed by Barbara Barry for Baker

Chic office chair designed by Barbara Barry for Baker

Unconventional Design

This Kukio Arm Chair designed by Barbara Barry for Baker is refined, stylish, and perfect for an executive’s home office. I love the unique design of this chair with its tapered legs and paneled back. It’s an unexpected way to make a statement when someone walks into your office.

Add Texture

Neutral chairs provide a beautiful canvas to show off texture. I love adding a sheepskin throw or printed decorative pillow to a neutral chair. Adding a pillow is a great way to soften up a structured chair and bring in a touch of your personality. Or you can pair a woven floor rug with the chair to give your office a homey, chic feel!

Chic office chairs - Leather bag chair designed by Roberta Schilling

Leather bag chair designed by Roberta Schilling

Unique Shape

This leather strapped chair from Roberta Schilling is a stunning example of form meeting function. It has a modern mountain vibe and it’s a great option for those who love the rustic and mid-century styles. The leather is earthy, grounding, and would look gorgeous against colorful book spines and collected art in a study. Because of the chair’s low line of sight, I could see this chair blending into the surrounding snowy landscape of a winter Aspen chalet. But it may not be ideal for those who exclusively work from home.

Dual Function Office Chairs

Don’t be afraid to select an office chair that serves dual functions. If you want the option to use the chair as extra seating, consider using an accent style chair in your office.

The Fitzroy chair by Mr. Brown London - Chic office chairs

The Fitzroy chair by Mr. Brown London

The Fitzroy Chair from Mr. Brown London is a fabulous example of a dual function chair. I love the sophisticated, glamorous, old Hollywood vibe it has. I can picture this chair in a chic California home office overlooking the beach. The cozy cushions provide support for your back and soften the angles of the metal frame. But it would also look beautiful in an outdoor cabana as extra seating for your guests during your summer soirees!


Though your office chair is something you’ll be using every day, it’s not the bed you sleep on. I recommend figuring out what you want to invest before you begin shopping. This helps narrow down your choices and makes the selection process easier. With all the options available at every price point, you’re sure to find a chic office chair no matter what!

Home office chairs - Velvet and polished brass Anthropologie swivel chair

Velvet and polished brass Anthropologie swivel chair

This gorgeous velvet and polished brass swivel desk chair from Anthropologie is a beautiful option. Polished brass and black are a big trend for furnishings and lighting in 2019. It brings a contemporary feel to this classic office chair design.

You can adjust the height and because it doesn’t have arms, you can easily tuck it under a desk or table. I love the unexpected handle detail on the back paired with the sumptuous velvet. It’s a perfect combination of masculine and feminine styles.

Your Perfect Office Chair

The most important thing to remember about your office chair is to select one that’s durable and adjustable. Your office chair can be a piece that’s both functional and beautiful. There are tons of chic office chairs that are beautiful and comfortable enough for you to sit in all day long.

You aren’t limited to using a traditional style office chair. You can incorporate a chic office chair with a unique design or one with sleek lines. The goal is to be as comfortable as possible while you’re working, but you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

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A guide to selecting the perfect office chair for your workspace by Laura U