It’s quite extraordinary what happens when you go to the spa. The moment you walk in, the world drifts away and you forget about what has (or will) happen that day. You just focus on relaxing and recharging. Sadly, once you leave, everything seems to have become even more chaotic while you were at the spa and that relaxed feeling begins to melt away.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have that spa experience at the beginning and end of every day? Well, you absolutely can! By incorporating a few simple design elements in your bathroom, you can create that same experience at home. Your bathroom doesn’t have to just be a functional room of your house. It can be the ultimate haven for you to relax and enjoy.

Invest in a gorgeous tub

After a long day at work, drawing a bath is the perfect getaway – especially when enjoyed with a nice candle and glass of wine! It also adds a gorgeous focal point to the bathroom and gives it that extra luxurious feel. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a bathtub that’s both beautiful and functional. At Laura U we love the Victoria + Albert line, the brand new options from Kohler (swoon!), and the gorgeous tubs from Cheviot.

Vanity Area 

There just isn’t anything relaxing about hovering over a dresser or leaning into a mirror first thing in the morning. Create a space that you’ll enjoy sitting down and spending some time in. The key is to surround yourself with lots of natural light to keep your body relaxed (and natural light is the perfect light for putting on your makeup!). If you don’t have access to a window or just need to amp up the lighting, be sure to position your lighting in front of you (either on each side or as a vanity strip) and not coming from above. Lighting directly above you casts shadows on your face that are NOT flattering.

Creating a spa experience at home

Another important element of the vanity area is the stool. Being comfortably seated while you get ready is a must. We love these three completely different vanity stools – from masculine and minimal to a softer silhouette, the options are endless! Just make sure it’s both cute and comfortable.

Creating a spa experience at home

Custom Built-ins with lots of storage 

You can never have enough storage in your home and having quick access to your towels and everyday essentials is a vital part of any bathroom design. Take the extra time to create custom built-ins for housing certain items based on how often you use them, their function or how you want things displayed.

Creating a spa experience at home

Of course, we all have items in the bathroom that are far from eye-catching, so make sure there’s a place to keep those necessities out of sight. We love showcasing big fluffy towels, sleek mirrors, monogrammed hand towels and beautiful soaps in open shelves. And keeping them on the counter allows you to enjoy them every day.

Creating a spa experience at home

Don’t let relaxation be an afterthought when it comes to your bathroom. It can definitely be the main focus if you take some time to create the perfect design. For more bathroom design tips and inspiration, follow us on Pinterest.