The holiday season is here and another fabulous year is coming to a close. There have been so many wonderful memories and exciting opportunities that this year has brought, but there’s one in particular that stands out in my mind: Working with Dec My Room. This unique and outstanding charity was founded by Susan Plank and her daughter Kendall in August 2007 (the same year as Laura U was founded!). The organization works with volunteers (like the team at Laura U!) to shop and decorate a child’s hospital room at Texas Children’s Hospital. They turn what may have been a sterile space into a more cozy, personalized home-away-from-home.

Dec My Room: Happy 10th anniversary!

Creating A Healing Place

Laura U began working with Dec My Room two years ago and it’s become a truly special organization that’s very close to my heart. This year is extra special because Laura U and Dec My Room are both celebrating their 10th anniversary! In honor of this special milestone, we’ve partnered with them over the past year to decorate 10 very unique rooms! In July, we had the opportunity to decorate 5 rooms and then had the joy of completing the second set of 5 rooms on the National Day of Giving (aka Giving Tuesday).

Dec My Room: Happy 10th anniversary!

So how does the process of decorating these rooms work? It starts with each family filling out a short questionnaire to find out all about their child’s favorite things: colors, toys, characters, and movies. The goal is to change a dull hospital room into a fun and personalized space that is filled with things that the patient will find comforting during their stay.

Dec My Room: Happy 10th anniversary!

Next, the Laura U team splits into teams of 2-3 per room and then we head out to do some shopping. We buy toys, toiletries, storage containers, snacks, coloring books, makeup, pillows, throws, etc. We want to surround the child and his or her family with the items they love and enjoy to make the hospital room and stay feel more like home. And what makes this even better is that they get to take everything we used to “dec” their room home with them after the treatment is complete!

Dec My Room: Happy 10th anniversary!

All Dec’d Out!

At the end of the day, this project is all about creating a warm and happy space for these children while they’re staying at the hospital. The holidays can be especially tough and by partnering with an organization like Dec My Room, we were able to bring them a little holiday cheer! It is such a pleasure to work with the team at Dec My Room and I highly recommend reaching out to get involved today!

For more information about Dec My Room, check out their website and Facebook page.



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