The process of committing to color for your home can be daunting. You’re looking for the hues that you know you’ll love for years but that also complement your style at this very moment. Tough call!

If you’re feeling stuck, it’s easy to reach for neutrals that don’t pose much of a risk. While our team loves working with a classic like China White or that “barely there” gray, it is just too much fun to flex those creative muscles and use bright colors that reflect our client’s personality. Sure, it can sometimes feel a little risky but, it’s just color! Don’t get into a spiral of overthinking it. Start small if you are truly nervous and then go for it once you get comfy with the idea of bolder hues!

Read on to see how we’ve dialed up the character of many of our clients’ homes by introducing vibrant colors that are anything but boring.

Am I blue…

A personal lounge is a perfect place to play around with striking colors such as this royal blue and poppy pink. The homeowner’s in this case are young and electric, so why not reflect that in their space! Rather than reaching for a more muted tone to pair well with the sofa, the Laura U team decided to that the couple’s eclectic accents needed to really pop. We knew when we brought in the big guns with the blue, we couldn’t stop there! We absolutely adore blending two or three stunning colors in a room’s palette. In this case, we blended blue with shades of brown, black, white, pomegranate and a hint of mint to bring this room to life. Side note: how cool is this couple’s life-sized wedding portrait?

Or am I chinchilla… or mauve… or lavender!?

Speaking of cool, we love to experiment with fabulous color blended in a serene and calming way. For instance, in the dining room and formal living room below, we decided to introduce a light gray-purple for a luxurious yet playful look that unites both spaces. The aubergine accents of the table linens, rugs, and seating further complement this lavish look. And don’t mind that pop of peacock in the foyer!

Feeling moody

So you are thinking you may want to go darker in your foyer or powder room. We think that is a grand idea! Try a fresh coat of a deep navy paint on the wall and watch the mood of the room change immediately! In the image below we have a door to a coat closet in an unfortunate location: our main art wall. Solution: paint is exactly the same color – trim and all – to create a monumental backdrop for our abstract art piece. But we didn’t’ stop there! We cranked it up just a notch or two by introducing the gorgeous cobalt blue and pinky-red Persian rug.

Black is clearly the new black

In the same way that your fave little black dress is always super chic, black paint can look perfectly elegant in your home. Like your heels with that pop of red, a black room is accented perfectly when paired with the right accessories and colorful hues. Shimmering metallic – such as gold and copper – really make black pop, too! We love adding delicate light fixtures to rooms in darker colors for added elegance.

Feeling inspired to pack some much needed color into your home? We can’t wait to see your work! Show us your favorite, colorful, room on our Facebook page and we may feature your photo here on the blog. Still hungry for more design ideas?  As always, for more design inspiration and tips, follow me and the team at Laura U on Pinterest and Instagram.

– The Laura U Team