We are one day away from High Point Market and I could not be more excited or honored to participate in this year’s event as a member of the Style Spotter team! From the moment I was asked to participate in the Market as a Style Spotter, I immediately began making mental notes of all of the vendors and designers I knew I had to check out. One of the names at the top of the list: Crypton Fabric.

As part of my Classically Current design philosophy, it’s important that the interiors I design not only transcend the current trends of the moment, but also stand the test of time. My goal is always to create interiors that are equal parts luxurious and livable, because spills happen, accidents happen, life happens, but that shouldn’t ruin a design!

Needless to say, Crypton’s line of home fabrics checks all of the necessary boxes for  livable, luxurious interiors and the stain-repellent fabrics are available in a wide array of textures, patterns and, most importantly, vibrant colors! A long-time fan of Crypton, I was thrilled to find out the company would be a sponsor of this year’s High Point Market and recently had the opportunity to learn more about Crypton’s newest projects, what’s coming up next, the history of the company and a few pieces of advice from Crypton’s founder, Randy Rubin.

Of course, I am so excited to share all of that fabulous insight here and encourage everyone heading to High Point Market to check out the Crypton showroom to discover all that the company has in store!


Classic Interior DesignImage: JF Fabrics Meredith Heron Crypton Home Color Collection

Why did you originally decide to bring Crypton’s fabrics into the residential market?

From day one in 1993, everyone was telling us that they needed Crypton in their home.  We knew it was a natural but without huge funding; we began our business with a focus on well-defined manageable segments in the contract world.   About four years ago, we slowly brought Crypton to the residential market and learned quickly that the contract version of the fabrics would not be widely accepted. In every focus group we conduct throughout the country we ask if the participants would use Crypton Home Fabric?   The answer is consistently “why would I use anything else?” We want families to be able to enjoy and live in their home and Crypton Home allows them to do just that!

We are excited to have recently partnered with Valdese Weavers to get two different Crypton Home fabric offerings at Pottery Barn, which is a great milestone for us! Lots of great things in the works for Crypton Home! 

I love incorporating impactful color into my designs so the new the JF Fabrics Meredith Heron Crypton Home Color Concepts Collection is right up my alley. I love the variety of options in the patterns and colors. Where did you and Meredith find inspiration when designing this collection?

Meredith is colorful in every part of her being!  I did not have a part in designing the collection as she worked with JF Fabrics who distributes the line and Valdese Weavers who weave the beautiful designs.  But they really did a fantastic job on this collection. Her use of color and patterns is amazing and it really shows that you don’t have to sacrifice your designs for performance fabrics and you still get the soft hand feel which is also wonderful. Meredith has a new fabric collection coming out in the next few months which we are so excited about, so make sure you stay tuned for that!

Classic Interior Design ChairImage: JF Fabrics Meredith Heron Crypton Home Color Collection

Does Crypton have plans to collaborate with more designers in the future? 

We love working with designers and fully intend to bring out more designer lines with our distributor partners in the future.  We just launched our fourth pet collection with famed photographer and artist William Wegman and have created the most adorable yet functional beds you have ever seen.  I’m really excited about what the future holds for Crypton Home!

You have enjoyed an extremely successful career as an entrepreneur in the design world, what advice would you give to other young women just starting their entrepreneurial journey in this industry?

You need to find what you really enjoy doing and then go for it—the money will follow.  You will most definitely experience failure and frustration if you are trying to do really fantastic things but it’s how you handle these challenges that make all the difference in your career and life.  I always tell people, don’t be afraid to fail…be afraid not to try.

As a business owner who, like you, runs my company alongside my husband, I know it can certainly be a balancing act! How do you balance running a business with family?

The only way I know how to do this is with really focused discipline.  I have grandchildren and there is no way that I want to miss their childhood.  It is an ironclad rule that Tuesday afternoon I leave at 2:30 for “Grandma Tuesday” and I do this without fail if I am not traveling. Its important that I prioritize things that are important in my life and spending time with my grandkids and children are very important!

It can be challenging for Craig and I to turn off work and not talk about the business because we live and breathe Crypton, and we always want to talk about, sometimes way too much! But we make a concerted effort to focus on other things around friends and family.

Added Bonus! A note from Meredith Heron about the collection: 

“I feel colour viscerally. I’m one to insist that we stop the car on the side of the road so that I can try to take a picture of the way a sunset Ombres across the sky. I’ve hugged doors on the streets in Paris and Rome because they are the perfect nuance of oxidized green paint or the perfect navy blue. I composed a 500 MB document of inspiration in preparing for our newest Crypton Home Colour Concepts Collection and our wallpaper collection. I endeavoured to showcase my version of the perfect red, blush and smoked heather. I am drawn to mutable hues. I love how a hue can morph when lighting changes or when you pair it in combination with another colour or fabric palette. I like to think of this next collection as a mix of reliable neutrals that you can count on as you’re go to fabrics for any room with a mix of mutable pastels that are for a more sophisticated palette. They aren’t too sweet or icy – they have a strength to them that can work the middle of any fabric palette like nobody’s business.”