Fall is here! My favorite season has finally arrived, and I could not be more excited. Every year, I eagerly await the changing of leaves, cool fronts, cozy interiors (my house is already decked out in gourd décor!) and new styles. While I love cute booties and comfy cashmere, I am certainly no expert in the fashion department, and I typically let my fall style come out in my interior designs, rather than my wardrobe.

Luckily, I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Houston’s own “handbag queen,” Elaine Turner, about fall fashion trends, and she was kind enough to give me the scoop on what’s hot this season. We had a fabulous time swapping knowledge over a glass (or two) of wine at Beckrew Wine House, and I learned so much about fall styles, Elaine’s (impressive) entrepreneurial journey and just how much we have in common (Elaine is also a mother of two and runs her company with her husband, Jim)! Sound familiar?

Needless to say, I am very excited to share all of the fashion-forward insight I learned during our happy hour. Read on for all of the details about Elaine’s amazing new fall collection, her take on white after Labor Day, and some inspirational advice from a lady who knows a thing or two about turning dreams into reality!

What are your favorite fashion trends this fall? 

This one is hard to pin down, but I really am loving the 70’s inspiration as in our Waylon shirtdress and Margo booties, maybe because I am a child of the 70’s and I have fond memories of these colors, silhouettes, textures and patterns. 

Are there any fashion trends that have rolled over from last fall? Do you think they will continue to come back in season next year? 

You can see hints of last year’s edgy/punk look in our Sadie motobooties, and we featured booties last year and honestly I think they are here to stay for a while.

What are the must-have statement pieces for the season? 

Definitely our saddlebag Cam and a pair of booties.


What spring pieces can be repurposed for the fall? 

If you have any apparel in blush, neutrals or lux leisure wear like our sneakers, hang on to that for fall.

Are there any big “dos and don’ts” for fall? 

I’m not a “dos and don’ts” kinda gal. If you allow fashion to create walls and hard and fast rules around how you dress, that’s when you are giving it way too much power. Fashion is simply another form of self-expression, and it’s our own personal visual language to the world. Stay true to who you are, and have fun with the trends as best you can. Integrate them into your own personal style whether it is traditional, edgy, eclectic or whatever. Most importantly, “DO YOU!”

What is your stance on white after Labor Day? 

Since we’re in Texas and it’s hot, I broke that rule a long time ago, and I’ve worn white denim through October, sometimes longer. You will probably find yourself naturally transitioning to creamy winter whites, though.

In three words, how would you describe your personal style? 

If I HAD to pin it down in just a short phrase about my own personal style, I would say; Modern, lady-like glamor with a twist and accessorized (of course!)

But, I have to point out that I’m not sure one can ever define their own personal style in just three words. If you are anything like me, my style changes, evolves and grows. I think if I could answer this in a deeper way, my personal style would be about freedom. The freedom to just be me on any given day. I know we’ve all felt it, but you know it immediately when you see someone with a strong sense of style. It’s always more about the way they carry themselves and their sense of freedom in owning exactly who they are. For me, that’s real style. 

What is the biggest lesson you have learned while chasing your dream? 

That’s a loaded question. I might need to get a drink before I answer! I guess I would have to say the biggest lesson I’ve taken away is to keep an open mind and remain flexible and adaptable on your journey. As hard as this is to imagine, sometimes what you think you set out to do is just a stepping stone to something else, so stay present and curious on your journey. It will keep you grounded in what’s real and what’s possible. And grit and resilience are key attributes to develop if you are a dream-chasing entrepreneur. Finally, remain cautious of soliciting every Tom, Dick and Harry for advice – trust yourself.

Best piece of advice for working moms trying to do it all? 

I hate to break it to ya, but, “Mom’s – you can’t do it all.”  Phew, I said it. There’s no such thing. I believe it’s all about what works for you and then building a life that supports that truth. It’s not a “one size fits all” model; it’s a “what works for you” model. Whether you strive to own your own business, are climbing the corporate latter or work from home, you are going to need support, so find it in a partner, friend or treasured nanny that has your kids’ and your best interests at heart, and celebrate and be grateful when you find these people.

Remember, don’t compare yourself to every other mom on the street- “compare and despair.” As long as you are living an authentic life that works for you and your family, that’s all that matters.

Because we love interiors around here, how would you describe the interior design of your home?

Oh gosh, I change my style frequently with interiors but I would say my surroundings always have a touch of a glamour with an eclectic twist! I like to surround myself with personal mementos I’ve picked up along the way, lots and lots of pictures of my friends and family, and I’m always obsessed with pillows and chandeliers!

Isn’t she amazing? It’s always so refreshing to meet other women who are carving their own paths and working to bring more creativity to Houston. Whether through fashion, interiors, painting, music, theater or anything in-between, the more creative minds we have working in our city, the better.

For more insight from my chat with Elaine, you can check out her blog for interior design tips and some nuggets of advice from yours truly!



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