Laura U Interior Design is founded on the idea of building beautiful legacies through high-end interior design, weaving treasured memories throughout your home. Our interior designs are client-centric and site-specific, thoughtfully mixing furnishings and accessories, in a bold, contrasting, and timeless way. Our signature Classically Current aesthetic interprets the iconic styles of the past in a modern and sophisticated way.

Who is full service interior design right for?

Full service interior design is ideal for homeowners who want to transform their home from top to bottom through exquisite design. They desire one-of-a-kind interior spaces that will last for generations to come. We blend the beauty of art with the science of design to artfully create spaces that showcase your unique story.

Why should I consider high-end interior design?

Finding the right pieces that fit your style and home is a challenge in any high-end interior design project. We custom design furnishings and work with many trade-only vendors to ensure each home is completely unique. Our designers are artists, capable of advocating for your design aesthetic, no matter what that may be. As a full service interior design firm, we create singular, thoughtfully curated interiors with heirloom-quality furnishings that are an authentic reflection of you.

We focus on entire home projects to ensure the interior design is cohesive throughout your home. We know which fabrics work, understand the power of fine art, and the impact of textural and tonal blending. From the design to procurement to our white glove installation, our design team handles everything.

The guest bedroom of an estate in Richmond, TX, designed by Laura U Interior Design

How does full service interior design work?

Interior design as we practice it is a true luxury. Your interiors are shaped by human hands. The creative process is deliberate and delicate, taking months of careful curation and conceptualization. This collaborative process allows us to design interiors that are 100% reflective of you.

Step 1. Getting to know you

We believe each home is a unique reflection of those that reside within. We take the time to thoroughly understand your design aesthetic, personal values, and passions. Every high-end interior design project begins with a discovery session, held at the Laura U studio or at your home.

During our conversations, we explore your design style and introduce you to our signature process, The Process of Design. We dive into what inspires you, examine your design preferences, and consider your current lifestyle. We discuss the project scope, fee schedule, and develop your style profile.

Step 2. Furnishings inspiration meeting

We select and present inspiration images to polish and hone the details of your style. Our designers focus on furniture, window treatments, soft goods, art, and accessories for your home’s interior design concept. We source furnishings and develop sketches for any custom designed pieces.

A lounge bar and reading area in Houston, designed by Laura U Interior Design

Step 3. Furnishings design presentation

Once your design aesthetic is defined, we create a visual and tactile presentation. Using samples, fabric swatches, and finishes, you’ll be able to envision your new interior.

Step 4. Procurement and installation

Our design firm handles the procurement and white glove installation of your furnishings and decor. Once you select your furnishings, our dedicated in-house purchasing agent places and manages your orders. They track each piece, confirm its receipt, and make sure it’s inspected for quality. Our designers works with our local installation group to deliver and meticulously place each piece in your home. Together, we make sure everything is perfect for the final reveal.

Step 4. Final home reveal

Let the celebration of your new interior begin! A bottle of champagne and a few surprises welcome you to your new home. Once we’ve completed our walkthrough, we attend to any outstanding items needing attention while you enjoy your new home.

Creekside project in Houston, designed by Laura U

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