No matter what the style or design of your home is, there will be some spaces that are more casual than others. For example, the kitchen and game room are rooms you use every day, where you go to relax and hang out. A sitting room or a dining room, on the other hand, are often more formal rooms. They’re designed to be sophisticated spaces that embody luxury and they’re the perfect spot for celebrating special occasions and hosting guests.

When I was designing my dining room in The Boulevard Show House, I definitely envisioned a space that was more formal, but I wanted to add a few whimsical touches so that the space wouldn’t feel stuffy. The gorgeous wallcovering with the table and chairs create the perfect balance of formal and fun. It’s going to be such a special room!

Gorgeous dining tables (and chairs!)

Whether you’re having the family over for the holidays or hosting formal dinner parties, grand statement pieces in the dining room are a must. You want to use them to create a luxurious vibe throughout the space and show off your personality because traditional or formal doesn’t have to mean boring. So today I’m dishing on some of my favorite dining room tables and chairs.

Go Round

There is something so elegant about a rounded dining table. It’s more intimate and great for smaller spaces or apartments. I love the combination of the classic oak tabletop with a modern style brass base. The delicate details on this Mid Century-inspired table give it a very sophisticated and elegant feel.

Gorgeous dining tables (and chairs!)

I also love this maple table with a Primavera veneer. (which will soon be living in the Boulevard Show House – yay) The table has a traditional shape and simple design, but they’ve added modern details to take it up a notch. It’s what I like to call new traditional. The chrome feet and the spiral-like design on the top is beautiful. And this table is expandable – how convenient is that?!

Gorgeous dining tables (and chairs!)

The style of your table and chairs should complement each other. A more structural chair pairs well with a rounded table. The opposing shapes give balance and interest to the space. And speaking of structural chairs, I love the shape of the Vik Dining chairs from Ligne Roset. The neutral colors are classic and the added rounded legs and structural detail gives the chair more interest.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting chairs to use with a rounded dining table is to keep to side chair styles or narrow armchairs. This allows you to seat more guests, comfortably at the table. Let the larger (and grand) host chairs be for something longer like a rectangular or oval shaped table.

Gorgeous dining tables (and chairs!)

More structured chairs can be quite bold, so if you’re going for a more delicate, feminine design, a rounded back side chair is a must. The design of this side chair is sweet and not too overpowering. It’s the perfect match for a bold dining table…plus, the polished finish adds a little glamor to the space!

Classic Rectangle

The more traditional rectangular style dining table is great for large rooms. I love this Peregine dining table from Holly Hunt. This mid-century modern table is super sleek. The raised table top and brass hardware are beautiful. The details are unexpected but definitely gorgeous.

Gorgeous dining tables (and chairs!)

When it comes to the chairs for your dining table, don’t be afraid to select something that’s not as formal. Something mid-century or industrial is cool to mix into a dining room and makes a unique statement. I love these Holly Hunt arm chairs as host chairs! The brass plating and sleek mid-century lines gives these chairs a very industrial vibe.

Gorgeous dining tables (and chairs!)

Because of all the hardware detail on the table and host chairs, the side chairs should be simple and clean. I love the cutout detail in the back and the added textural element of the velvet on these side chairs. The whole combination is formal, but still very approachable for your guests.

Gorgeous dining tables (and chairs!)

Even if you opt for a dining table in a more traditional rectangle shape, you can always do something bold and modern. This lucite table from ModShop is elegant and I love the contemporary design. It’s so chic!

Gorgeous dining tables (and chairs!)

These white crocodile and gold Marcelle dining chairs pair perfectly with this dining table. Their glam and structure mimics that of the dining table which creates a very cohesive, modern design. You can never go wrong with the classic white and gold pairing.

Gorgeous dining tables (and chairs!)

Even though the dining room is a more formal space that doesn’t mean it has to be a stuffy or stiff feeling. It should be a room that blends luxury, sophistication, and comfort. I loved being able to share some of my favorite dining room table and chair selections with you! I hope they’ve inspired you to think outside the box and make a bold statement in your dining room.

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