It’s a big decision, but deciding to build a home is one of the most exciting things you can do! Yes, it’s definitely a labor of love, but there’s nothing quite like watching your dream home come to life. And walking into your home for the first time once it’s completed is something truly special.

One of the first things you’ll consider is hiring your architect and builder. But, there’s also another very important person to consider … your interior designer. That might come as a surprise, but there are so many benefits to having an interior designer from the outset of your project. We hep to guide you through the very detailed process of building your new home and make the journey not only enjoyable but entirely manageable! Here are a few added benefits…

Hiring an interior designer before you build your next home

A neutral third-party opinion

It can often be difficult to reach a decision with your spouse on what color palette is best or if hardwood floors or tile are a better option. An interior designer is there to provide expert and objective advice (not unlike a marriage counselor :)) to help things stay on schedule and on budget.

Much more than furniture and paint colors 

An interior designer has experience working from the ground up – literally! From coordinating with your architect and builder, to doing spatial planning to designing for special circumstances (wheelchair accessibility, aging in place, children or special needs family members), we understand both the bird’s eye view and the tiny details of your entire project.

Our services include site visits, product research, design inspiration, color selections, hard surface selections (tile, flooring, countertops, etc.), room layouts, cost and product comparisons, custom furniture, lighting and so much more.

Hiring an interior designer before you build your next home

Lifestyle design

Bringing beautiful items into the space is wonderful, but infusing your way of life into your home makes it that much more special. Love to entertain? We would suggest focusing on a large kitchen, a private wine cellar and lots of conversational seating areas. Work from home with little ones? Create a private office retreat downstairs and the kids play upstairs in their own game room. An interior designer works with your architect to ensure your home is best suited for how you live your life.

So what can you do to prepare yourself to start working with an interior designer?

Give genuine thought to your project budget and timeline

It’s helpful to go into a project knowing how much you’re able to invest in your new home and approximately how long the building process may take. If you’re meeting a certain deadline or need to only focus on a few spaces, these are important items for your designer to know before they begin. Many designers have “rule-of-thumb” estimates for your architectural material allowances (per square foot) as well as anticipated costs (again, per square foot) for furnishings. Bringing this information together to have a view of the big picture before you project breaks ground is just proper planning!

Hiring an interior designer before you build your next home

Consider the overall style 

Take some time to think about your style but don’t worry too much if you don’t know what your style is! Nearly everyone’s style evolves over time and can even mature or change during the design phase of a project. Spend a bit of time searching for design inspiration for your new home. If you start to see common threads in design elements in your inspiration images, hire a designer that has experience creating spaces with the same or similar style. At Laura U we focus on creating a “Classically Current” style for our clients – influenced by history while always remaining fashion forward.

Have an open mind!

Most importantly, keep an open mind and prepare to learn a lot about materials and methods of construction. And let yourself take step back to allow the professionals to do what they do best – create a beautiful, functional space that best fits your family’s lifestyle and taste. We love what we do, we love to impress you and make you blissfully happy with your home. That is precisely why we are here!

We’d love to connect with you to learn more about how we can partner with you to make your perfect home a reality. And, if you are in the inspiration gathering phase, check out our Instagram and Pinterest for a major design fix!