Okay, so I don’t technically have a new home, but with all of the renovations I completed recently, it kind of feels like I do!  It really is amazing what a few small projects can do to transform a home, and I’m so excited to share the results of the recent facelift I gave to my own historic Houston bungalow.

Like many of my ideas, the project started with the small goal of repainting the front door, and quickly snowballed into “just a few more projects.” Fast-forward a couple months and we now have a shiny new front door, an updated entryway, fab new built-ins in the girls’ playroom and master bedroom, and a few more fun improvements that make life just a little easier.

Of course, the updates didn’t happen overnight (or without a few minor meltdowns), but I absolutely LOVE how everything turned out! Read on to get a tour of my “new home.”

Curb Appeal 

For the last few years, our house was easily described to guests as “the one with the green front door.” Now, we’ll have to get used to saying “the one with the pink planters!” When I first started this project, I had every intention of replacing the old front door and keeping the pop of green… and then crisis struck!

The green turned out too dark, or too blue, or too… something… and didn’t create the vision I had in mind at all, however; it’s nothing a new coat of paint can’t fix!


During front-door-remodel

Here we have the “new green” that just wasn’t working for me. Since we were heading out of town the next day to celebrate my husband, Michael’s, birthday in Costa Rica, some quick decisions had to be made, and “the house with the green door” was no more…


I was hesitant about the black door at first, but I could not be happier with the way it turned out. I love the contrast against the white exterior and the way the neutral palette allows the pink planters to really pop. But something was missing…

While I do love the all black, I couldn’t resist adding a little bit of an accent to the finished product. With the addition of the gold trim and shiny new door knocker, I feel like this is our front door!

Come On In! 

After swapping the vibrant shade of green on the door for a darker color, I decided I needed to greet guests with color when they first walk in the house, so the jet-black paint in the entryway was out, and pink was in!  Now, the foyer is a much lighter, welcoming color. Crossing the threshold, guests are welcomed into an inviting clay pink [Sherwin Williams Gracious Rose] on the walls, ceiling and trim. Went all in! The original wood doors remain because I love them so much.


Master Bedroom, Master Renovation

The master bedroom was sadly neglected. I mean… it was truly sad. The main wall previously consisted of wires dangling from a mounted television, a too-low profile console, and a puppy kennel. Ugh. I finally got around to designing all of the storage that we so desperately needed! I’m a huge fan of extra storage and built-in nooks, so I fell in love with how this worked out.

For inspiration and tips on storage, check out my post on styling small rooms. 





The final product feels so put together and clean, and I’m still getting used to the amount of extra storage I have now!

After the install was complete, I hung this striking Bob Tabor photograph that we purchased from his show in Aspen last year. This narrow wall was the perfect spot.


Playroom Promotion

After upgrading the storage space in the master bedroom, something had to be done about the girls’ playroom. For my fellow moms and dads out there, I’m sure you can relate to the TOY chaos that can quickly take over your home.  I honestly don’t know how my girls collected so many toys in just four short years. It’s like one day I blinked and dolls and dress-up took over the entire playroom!

No matter how many attempts I made at organizing with plastic bins and cute baskets, the clutter still distracted from the rest of the room’s design, so I had to do something more than another trip to the Container Store.





Similar to the master bedroom renovation, I designed cabinetry for optimum toy storage. As if by magic, the space went from cluttered to clean in a matter of days.  Amazing how closing a door can hide your chaos. I don’t know about you, but the “after” photo just makes me feel so at peace!

It’s All in the Details

As with any interior, I like to focus on designing a fab home that doesn’t sacrifice functionality or livability. Thanks to our office neighbors, Relative Home Systems, we have upgraded our home in both of those departments. My husband, Michael, is a huge “techie” so while I am over-the-moon about my new front door and all of the storage, he could not be more excited about these two little devices that now allow him to control all of our in-home entertainment system from the palm of his hand.

A savant system instantly organized all of our TV watching and music listening needs. SO. GOOD.


Now that we can play music throughout the whole house with just the touch of a button, it was the perfect time to purchase a record player. Music has always been a passion of mine and it really doesn’t get much better than unwinding with a glass of wine and the White Album at the end of the long day.

The ability to be able to connect my records to the newly-installed surround sound system is a truly “classically current” experience ;)!


With these remodel projects checked off my to-do list, I can come home from the studio and walk into my own personal oasis, and I couldn’t be happier! I can’t stress the importance of focusing on yourself every now and then – it does a world of good. Until my next personal design project, I’ll take a deep breath and enjoy the small moments in my new home.

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Laura Umansky is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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  1. Julie Koch on September 25, 2016 at 10:50 am Reply

    so technically it is a new house. Beautiful. Hope you and Michael and family are enjoying it this rainy day.

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