As I settle back into the hustle and bustle of life at our Houston interior design studio, I can’t help but reminisce on the festivities of last week at the 2016 spring High Point Market! I attended High Point Market in past years, but coming back as a Style Spotter gave me an entirely new perspective that allowed me to soak in every detail of the design industry’s biggest event.

From seminars and panel discussions to touring the countless amazing showrooms and even testing out virtual reality for interior design, the Style Spotter itinerary took us through a whirlwind of events each day. My team and I got to explore remarkable new advances in the interior design realm, fabulous new finds from the top industry vendors and designers, and it was a blast every step of the way!

It’s a feat to include all the wonderful experiences from High Point, but not impossible. Here are my “high points” from High Point Market!

High Point Market Wayfair Interior Design

Reinventing Retail and Design

High Point Seminar Interior DesignWayfair Interior Design

We kicked off our first full day at High Point Market with a fabulous seminar about innovative ideas and the rise of technology in the interior design world. Moderated by Stacy Kunsel, from Dunes and Duchess, this presentation featured a fantastic and inspirational talk from Polly Labarre of Fast Company Magazine about the importance of being creative mavericks in the interior design industry and included insight from Wayfair founders and tech wizzes, Steve Conine and Niraj Shah. Afterwards, the team and I headed over to Wayfair’s booth to test out our skills in their new virtual reality developments!

Virtual Reality Interior Design

Principal Designer Letecia Ellis Haywood experimented with the latest and greatest ideas in virtual furniture placement by moving small figurines on the glass with your hands to place them in a virtual reality layout.

High Point Market Wayfair Interior Design

Of course, we couldn’t help but hop in the photo booth with some fabulous props. Who can say no to a feather boa and giant pink bows?

Childers’ Chandelier

Interior Design Chandelier

As I slowly made my way through a number of gorgeous interior design showrooms, Emporium Home by Ashley Childers stopped me in my tracks.  She is a go-to for my interiors, and this Quartz Falls Chandelier did not disappoint. It was such a treat to see all of the crystalline and brass structures incorporated into so many products and designs this year!

Style Spotters Live!

Interior Design Panel Discussion Houston

Top row: Anne Sage, Laura Bielecki, Scot Meacham Wood, Randy Rubin, Michelle Jennings Wiebe, Erika Hollinshead Ward, Malene Barnett
Bottom Row: Marie Flanigan, Brynn Olson, and yours truly!

Tuesday was a big day for the Style Spotters team! First up was the Style Spotters Live! panel, which gave each of us the opportunity to show off the items we “spotted” throughout the market. I loved hearing the insight and key market takeaways from fellow interior designers and co-Founder of Crypton Fabric, Randy Rubin and had a blast sharing all of my “style spots,” which you can find here.

Classical Interior Design

Following Style Spotters Live, we were on to the Trend Tours, where each Style Spotter led a group of market attendees through the showrooms of their favorite designers. I had a fabulous time leading my group through the EJ Victor showroom, where we discovered the amazing new designs from Kelly Wearstler and Kate Spade!

Star struck with Celerie

Houston Classic Interior Design

Towards the end of High Point, I truly couldn’t contain my excitement when we ran into designer Celerie Kemble! She was in Henredon with her new line of furniture, which spotlights 20th century style, and I love to use her pieces in my classically current designs. She even helped me select her favorite desk for one of my Style Spots. Totally star struck!

Classic Desk Interior Design

Classic desk by Celerie Kemble for Henredon collection

The Team

Laura U Interior Design

Senior Design Team, Arlene Penrose, Meredith Sanders, Myself, Letecia, and my assistant Lexi Fink

And with that, it’s a wrap! A big thank you to everyone who participated in the organization of the spring High Point Market and my senior design team that helped explore every nook and cranny along the way! It was an unforgettable experience, and I hope to see you at market in the fall.