Art can be called many things – thought-provoking, simple, contemporary, basically, anything you want it to be. The beauty of art is that it means something different to each of us and it’s one of the best ways to make your home unforgettably “you”.

Finding the right art piece for your home can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Read on to see how we’ve worked with our clients to place exceptional artwork in their homes.

Abstract art is a great way to soften a metallic


Show off your personality


What makes an art collection great? Diversity. Think about when you’re walking through an art museum and about the pieces that catch your eye. There are definitely similarities in the pieces you like, but they aren’t identical. One may be an abstract oil painting and another a black and white photograph, but you then notice that you are looking entirely at portraits, even though created in different mediums. Or, perhaps you are drawn entirely to one color palette, and the medium doesn’t matter. As long as that piece is a soft lilac, you are in!

select art with complimentary tones of the space

The contemporary art piece picks up cool neutral tones of the bench and the warmer tones in the rug.


Color, subject or time period are a few different ways to curate your collection. But don’t feel as if you have to choose that one genre and stick to it. By mixing old world paintings with contemporary pieces in different sizes and mediums, you have created a diverse and active collection that will create plenty of interest for you and your guests.


Art that has cultural influences and traditional touches are great accents and even better investments for a space


art can tie a room together by pulling in colors from the accent pieces surrounding it

The colors and composition of this piece create a lovely visual texture.


Ah hem… Size matters

When it comes to selecting art, don’t be afraid to go big. In fact, sometimes, larger format is just more fun! A large painting or framed photograph makes a bold statement and becomes the centerpiece of the space. These pieces make the space feel warm, full of character and pulled together.


Art can be fun and reflect personality, make it big and the centerpiece of room

A large-scale photograph makes this room unique and oh so exciting!


Even with smaller format items, you can group them to create a beautifully curated gallery wall. A collection of items tells a fascinating story and it’s the perfect way to make an impact without making a huge investment. It’s easy to swap out prints and photographs so you can make sure your gallery wall is always fresh and up to date.

art can be used to create a gallery wall, perfect for an entry or foyer space


Travel and Art

No matter where you are, art can be scouted out. Traveling is the perfect opportunity to select art because, whether it’s at a local market or in a gallery, these are great places to discover artists and find artwork that represents your time in this new city. These pieces add variety to your collection and can be quite the conversation starters.


art can act as the perfect pop of color or statement piece for a bold hallway


Don’t forget about the photographs you take on vacation! Even if you feel you don’t have the best photographic eye, these pieces are special to you. Don’t let them live in cyberspace forever! Print out the photos you take on your vacation so you can enjoy them at home and not just on social media. Family photos add a personal touch to the room and help create a unique, personalized and well-tailored collection.


art can be simple and tell a story of past trips and memories


These are just a few, fun ways to invest in, acquire, or create your own art collection. Are you in need of some additional art inspiration or a few interior design ideas? Check us out on Instagram and Pinterest for all of the latest!