2019 Lighting Trends | Bright Ideas with M & M Lighting

I’ve been working with Amy Margolin of M&M Lighting since the early days of Laura U Interior Design. When I first met Amy, I was impressed with her fantastic eye and knowledge about all things lighting. She always has the perfect light fixture in mind for our Classically Current interiors! With her keen eye for trends that will last and a deep understanding of the Houston market, it’s no wonder she’s become my trusted lighting expert.

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Designer LAura Umansky's backyard

5 Benefits of Working With a Landscape Designer

For us, creating a home the reflects your story goes beyond the interiors. It includes the physical space and the grounds outside your home as well. This exterior space is the first impression anyone has of your home and it sets the tone for the rest of your home’s design, the so-called “curb appeal”. If you’re investing in a complete interior design, it’s important not to neglect the exterior.

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How to Shop Vintage Stores Like an Interior Designer

When I shop for vintage or antique pieces, what I’m looking for is that spark, something I can connect with on a personal level. I find that many of my clients do this naturally. In their travels or throughout the generations, they have effortlessly acquired beautiful collections that fit seamlessly into their homes. But for some, this isn’t such an easy task.

I have made some fantastic finds over the years. Today, I want to share with you how I shop vintage stores and give you a peek into my favorite boutiques.

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