I have always subscribed to two design philosophies when creating interiors: “classically current,” meaning I look to the past for inspiration and combine those influences with contemporary designs, and “livable luxury,” which is the idea that interiors should be stunning and able to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. There’s no sense in having a picture-perfect interior if one spilled glass of wine or coffee could ruin the whole design! Life happens, and I always try to ensure my designs will stand up to these everyday twists and turns for my clients.

I often test out new products or designs in my own home before recommending them to clients because if a product can stand up to my lively and curious 5-year-olds, then I feel much more comfortable recommending them to my clients.

When it came time to design my line of performance surfaces with Vetrazzo, I knew from the beginning I would want to install at least one of the four colorways in my home. I had worked with Vetrazzo on projects in the past and was always thrilled with the finished product so I was extremely excited for my own Vetrazzo install day!

Read on to see my kitchen transformation featuring the Fair Pearl surface from the Vetrazzo By Laura U line.

When buying my home, the kitchen sold me! When renovating five years ago, I opted for Walnut countertops and considered the wood to be a natural and unique element to the otherwise crisp interior. However, now the twins are old enough to reach the counters themselves so the wood finish quickly became less practical for our busy family. The spills increased, rings from cups were left on the counters, and visitors couldn’t help but treat the walnut as a cutting board – it is wood after all. It was time for a change!

The Fair Pearl colorway from the Vetrazzo By Laura U product line was the perfect solution to the constant maintenance of our wooden countertops. The neutral palette of blush shades and pearly iridescence (complete with flecks of mother-of-pearl) perfectly complemented the rest of the interior and, most importantly, all four of the surfaces in this product line are non-porous, stain resistant and no sealer is required. You heard correctly! Not only do I not need to worry about daily spills anymore, but I also don’t need to worry about setting reminders to have the counters sealed each year either. That, my friends, is what livable luxury is all about!

I personally was so over the top with how the install turned out but the girls were even more excited about the change. They love a fun renovation project – go figure – and were even into participating in our photoshoot for the Vetrazzo collaboration! They were the perfect little models. 🙂

To learn more about the Vetrazzo By Laura U product line, visit Vetrazzo’s website to download a lookbook or check out this video to learn more about the inspiration and creation of the designs!