There’s something to be said about the stability that having a house that feels like a home provides. Unfortunately, many Houston area families don’t have that feeling. With nearly half a million families living below the federal poverty line, it’s a sad truth that thousands of Houston’s children sleep on the floor.

At Laura U, we’re passionate about creating beautiful legacies for families all over Houston. We believe every child should feel comfortable and safe. That’s why this holiday season, we’re proud to partner with Houston Furniture Bank for their No Kids On The Floor! campaign.

The Houston Furniture Bank

Houston Furniture Bank has a critical role in the community. Their mission is to furnish hope to families affected by natural disasters, domestic violence, poverty, mental illness, and physical impairment by making empty houses homes. They provide essential furnishings, such as beds, tables, and chairs to families in need. Though the families they work with are from different backgrounds and face different challenges, they’re all part of the Houston community.

No Kids On The Floor! Campaign

Studies have shown kids who regularly get adequate amounts of sleep have better overall mental and physical health. As a mom, I know how essential it is for my girls to get a good night’s sleep. The No Kids On The Floor! campaign works to ensure children in the Houston area have a bed of their own which helps create healthier, more stable living environments.

Black and white kids bedroom in Houston home renovation project

Last month, we officially kicked-off our partnership with Houston Furniture Bank and attended their awareness breakfast at The Junior League of Houston on October 30th. Tom McCasland, the Director of Housing and Community Development for the City of Houston, passionately spoke about the importance of the No Kids On The Floor! campaign and the impact of Houston Furniture Bank on the community.

Together, We Can Make A Difference

In support of No Kids On the Floor!, we’re hosting a donation drive to collect bed sheets, comforters, and other soft goods for the families Houston Furniture Bank serves! The donation drive begins Friday, November 1st and will end on “Giving Tuesday”, December 3rd. Here are the donation items we’re collecting:

 No Kids On the Floor Donation Check List

Kid-size blankets

Twin sheet sets


Pillows and soft goods

Soft fabric set

Soft, cuddly toys

Children’s books

We’re so excited to have the opportunity to partner with Houston Furniture Bank to help these families create a beautiful, comfortable home they can enjoy together! We hope you choose to be a part of the No Kids On The Floor! campaign by donating any of the needed items during our donation drive. Together, we can help ensure children in the Houston community have a bed to call their own.

Houston Furniture Bank No Kids On the Floor Donation Check List