Back in 2006, when I founded the Laura U Interior Design firm, I never anticipated that we would grow to where we are today. I guess I had a hope that we’d be where we are now. But looking back, I never thought that we’d get this far so quickly.

Over the years, we’ve collected accolades from so many organizations that I admire. I’ve had the honor of being named a Leader in Design and a Design Star on the Rise by Decorative Center Houston. I’ve been able to share my interior design knowledge with the Houston Chronicle, Voyage Houston, CultureMap Houston, and Houstonia Magazine.

Wow! Really, it means so much to me! But, all of this wouldn’t have been possible without my team.

I love talking about the “business of home,” and from time to time, I sit in on panels and conferences to share my expertise about running a studio. More than anything else, I get questions about the size of my team.

How many designers do you have?

Do you have an office manager?

Who does your marketing?

The team at Laura U is 14 strong. I have 8 designers, including myself. Yes, I have an office manager and in-house marketing as well. I’d say the secret to our success is not how many we are, but a shared vision. We live our core values day in and day out.

The Team at Laura U

Our goal each day is to provide a rarefied experience for everyone we encounter. From our vendors to our trusted partners and most importantly, to our clients. Working with us should be effortless.

I like to think this is the reason why we have been recognized throughout Houston and Texas. So without further ado, I’d like to pay homage to our most gilded projects. It’s hard to be humble when I’m this proud, but I will try!

Interior Design Awards

Since 2006, we’ve had the opportunity work with amazing clients in Houston, throughout Texas, and all over the world. My team has done incredible work. From bold and dramatic to neutral and organic and everything in between, my team has produced gorgeous projects. Here’s a look at some of the award-winning interior designs they’ve created.

MacGregor Project - Laura U Interior Design

Interior Design – Singular Space: MacGregor Manse

This dramatic and striking entry way is all about perfect contrast. The bold black and white color palette is softened with a touch of sunny yellow and brass. The crisp lines of the geometric floor tiles are balanced out by the graceful curving stairs and round pedestal table. It’s a timeless combination of global glamour and elegance.

Interior Design – Residence Small: Astoria Pied-a-terre

The client’s incredible art collection was the inspiration for this interior design. We used rich, dark floors and light, neutral walls to provide the perfect backdrop for their art. Luxe textures like velvet and fur paired with organic textures of wood and stone create spaces that invite you in.

Contemporary Kitchen - Laura U Interior Design

Interior Designer – Residence Large: Highland Village Contemporary

Contemporary pieces paired with natural colors and textures give this space an approachable, modern vibe. We chose a color palette of neutrals with touches of pastel green and rich navy. Wood, leather and unique accessories add texture and interest throughout the interior.

Bold dining room design by Laura U Interior Design

Interior Designer – Dining Room: Buffalo Speedway

This stunning dining room sets the stage for the bold colors and mixed metals we used throughout the home. We chose to use a set of ornate gold mirrors our clients inherited from their grandmother as the focal point. We paired them with fun art to give the interior design a modern twist.

Honorable Mention Interior Designer – Outdoor Living: Encino Retreat

Inspired by California’s natural beauty and the exotic designs of Morocco, this is a soothing, welcoming space. Sliding doors, a Zen garden and tons of natural light combined with a warm, neutral color palette make this home a relaxing oasis. This interior design also won the LUXE Red award for Contemporary Interior Design.

A romantic and modern home from Laura U Interior Design

Honorable Mention – Interior Designer – Renovation Small Interior: Romantic and Modern Home

Our client’s favorite destination, a love of organic shapes and ethnic designs were the inspiration for this interior. Whites and creams paired with metallic accents and natural textures create a laid back, warm, and glamorous combination.

Home Builder Digest – Custom Interiors in Texas

Home Builder Digest – #5 on the 10 Best Custom Home Interior Designers in Texas

The interior designers named to this exclusive list are selected based on their project portfolio, collaborations with top industry professionals, and client feedback. We’re honored not only to have been named to the list, but to be ranked in the top 5 interior designers on this list!

Our ability to infuse luxury and striking details into functional family homes was one of the reasons we were selected. But our design process, The Process of Design, also caught their attention. Our team works closely with architects, custom home builders and realtors to ensure we create cohesive designs inside and out.

Luxury residential home designed by Laura U Interior Design

Designers in Houston Lists

I tell people that we’re based in Houston, and I’m often met with a puzzled look.

Not New York?

Not Lost Angeles?

Why Houston?

Houston is my home. My husband is here. He is my partner in everything – life, business, crime…and our twins go to school here. They have friends here. We live in a beautiful Boulevard Oaks home. Houston’s just easy. It’s casual, but elevated. Relaxed and refined.

Houston has also played a vital role in the history of Laura U Interior Design. For over 10 years this city has supported my business and continues to do so today. I love the design community here. We’re not competitive, we’re cooperative.

The Fall Fete hosted by Laura U

I’ve hosted a gorgeous fall fete with a group of talented event professionals (and will host a spring soiree soon!). I’ve also co-hosted a Texas Design Week Kick-off party. Being a part of the Houston business world has given me the opportunity to meet amazing business owners and entrepreneurs.

Decoraid – 15 of the Top Decorators and Interior Designers in Houston

The 15 designers on this list redefine and elevate interior spaces. Our “command on glorious color and everyday elegance…with home decor that reflects our client’s active lifestyle” made our portfolio stand out.

Decorilla – Top 10 Houston Interior Designers

Our team’s portfolio of vacation home designs were one of the things Decorilla loved most about our work. What caught their eye is how we “combine sophistication with playfulness” and our attention to bold details to make every space luxurious and functional.

Freshome – The Best in Houston

The interior designers named to the list were selected based on their portfolio quality, industry experience and customer satisfaction. “Our bold aesthetic, polished, and classically modern styles” were a few reasons why the Laura U portfolio stood out to them.

Interior Contemporary Home

Homedit – Houston’s Top Interior Designers

Chosen from among a fabulous group of interior designers, the interior designers on this list create luxurious, award-winning spaces. Our ability to “meld clean lines with striking details [to] yield spaces of high design that are still practical living areas” definitely stood out. We’re thrilled to hear our clients say their homes are reflective of their lifestyle, functional and have a feeling of warm luxury.

Houston Architects – #3 on The Top 10Interior Designers in Houston List

As an interior designer having a great relationship with the architect is key. The architect focuses on developing the home’s bones and an interior designer continues to bring that vision to life in the interior. Together, an architect and interior designer are able to maximize your home’s functionality and expose its intended beauty.

The Laura U designers work closely with our client’s architect to ensure that every detail in the home tells the client’s story. And to be selected as one of the top 3 interior designers in Houston is such an honor.

Interior Design Features

We’re honored to have been named one of the top interior design firms in Houston and in Texas. And we’re also honored to have our work featured in these Houston and Texas based publications.

Tanglewood Home by Laura U

Houston Chronicle Interior Design Feature – Tanglewood Home

The interior design of this home is classic and elegant, yet inviting. Light neutrals paired with rich jewel tones like aubergine and turquoise create an edgy interior space that’s perfect for a growing family. Luxe finishes like a crystal chandelier and Calcutta marble add an extra dose of glamour.

Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Home by Laura U Interior Design

CultureMap Houston Interior Design Feature – Mid-century Home

The team transformed this 1950s ranch home into a mod, contemporary mid-century home. Playful pieces like a Union Jack refrigerator and a touch of cow hide create a warm, inviting design full of personality. It definitely speaks to the couple’s diverse background.

Modern Luxury Interior Design Feature – Tanglewood Mansion

Bold colors, timeless neutrals, and playful accessories that pay homage to Texas make this interior perfect for a young family. The rich burgundy hue used through the home speaks to our clients love of wine. And the luxe fabrics not only look stunning but can stand up to life with kids.

Americana captured perfectly in this award-winning design from Laura U

CultureMap Houston Interior Design Feature – Southern Americana Home

The shades of blue and white we used in this interior design is a nod to our client’s alma mater, Rice University. The white walls provide the perfect backdrop for the client’s art collection. And pops of blue add depth and dimension. It’s a casual, chic home that doesn’t sacrifice functionality for style.

Houston Magazine Interior Design Feature – Southampton Home

The interior design of this home is a reflection of our client’s love of travel. Inspired by her time in Africa and Persia, we blended the vibrant colors and exotic patterns of Morocco with classic neutrals. From the custom millwork to the fabrics we used throughout the home, this interior is like taking a journey around the world.

CultureMap Houston Interior Design Feature – Ultimate Beach House

The color palette of this coastal inspired vacation home mimics the blues of the sky outside. We chose to use whites and Cerulean blue and incorporated driftwood, glass and seashells accents to add texture. The result is a cozy, warm interior that makes guests feel at home.

Aspen Home by Laura U Interior Design

Houston Chronicle Interior Design Feature – Aspen River Cottage

The gorgeous Aspen landscape was the inspiration for this vacation cabin. We wanted to bring the beauty of the outdoors in and add modern touches. We incorporated wood elements throughout the interior and left some of the original wood detailing. Industrial style chairs and light fixtures keep the space feeling fresh.

CultureMap Houston Interior Design Feature – Hollywood Hills Home

Contrast was the inspiration for the interior design of this charming Spanish style home. Exposed ceiling beams and hardwood floors bring warmth to the neutral walls and allow the focus to be on the incredible views. Pops of colors and our client’s collection of vintage California themed posters add personality and interest.

Award winning interior in Houston River Oaks District designed by Laura U Interior Design

LUXE Houston Interior Design Feature – River Oaks Residence (They also named us to the National Gold List!)

We gave this historical treasure designed by John Staub a modern update to make it suitable for entertaining and our client’s growing family. We brought a touch of old Hollywood glamour through luxe fabrics and stunning light fixtures. We kept the gorgeous original black and white floors to add an element for grandeur. Metallic accents with unexpected pops of color make it feel fresh.

I’m so proud of my team for all they work they do! It’s such an honor to be recognized and awarded by the industry and our peers for the work we’ve done. Being named as the one of the best is such an honor.

My approach to interior design centers on telling each client’s story in a way that reflects their personality, passions and joys. We focus on surrounding our clients with what they love most. Discovering what our clients’ personal joys are and translating them into a stunning design is one of the things I love about interior design.

Through carefully curation, my team and I create Classically Current interiors that are bold, luxurious, and timeless. As an interior designer, I draw inspiration from iconic designs of the past and give them a modern twist. Our interiors are designed to be functional and luxurious.

Stunning Houston high rise design by Laura U Interior Design

Even Better Designs Are Still to Come

I can’t wait to see what gorgeous designs my team creates in 2019! But I’m making it the year to get organized at home and in the studio. At the studio, the team and I are constantly pulling together samples for inspiration and design plans. Unfortunately, that means things don’t always make it back to the correct spot. I’m excited to collaborate with Cathryn Linn of The Organizing Organization to get the studio library organized.

Cathryn will also be working with me to organize my own home. She’s going to be helping me organize the girls’ playroom and our laundry room. My family uses these spaces daily and they can get disorganized quickly! Being able to gain control of the clutter is going to make life at home run more smoothly.

Of course, throughout the year you can expect to see more stunning new project reveals. The team and I are working on some projects in sunny California and a few big projects here in Houston. We can’t reveal the details yet, but I can tell you that we’ll be working on some of the biggest projects in firm history! We can’t wait to share more about these exciting projects with you.

To get a sneak peek at what’s happening at my home and in the studio, follow along on Instagram.



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