Color is one of the simplest, most impactful ways to change how a room feels. Shades of yellow energize, while shades of gray soothe. One striking wash of navy instantly creates an introspective mood, while red evokes hunger and passion. So much can be said with color!

At Laura U, we like to bring natural and organic elements into our interiors, and we certainly do that with jewel tones. Jewel tones are really lovely shades that resemble the precious stones after which they are named: ruby, amethyst, citrine, sapphire, emerald, and garnet. Found in nature but brilliant in an otherworldly way, these colors add richness, femininity, and an undeniable dose of glamour to any space.

Today, we’re touring our portfolio to find the gemstone-inspired shades that make a big impact on the energy of a room.

Jewel tone statement mirror in entry way designed by Laura U Interior Design

A sapphire blue mirror with great geometric interest adds drama to this entry way

Completely Transform Your Interior with Jewel Tones

While many design rules are meant to be broken, one thing is true: jewel tone decor instantly transforms a room. From accent walls to area rugs and mirrors, these deep hues can be used just about anywhere. Here are my top tips for how you can use jewel tones to add interest and glamour to your home’s interior design.

Master bedroom with deep pink velvet chaise lounge designed by Laura U

Shades of pink and touches of gold turn this master bedroom into a chic feminine master suite

1. Use a Tonal Color Palette to Make Statement

At its core, interior design is about making a statement through color, contrast, and balance. Using a tonal color palette is a great way to add depth and dimension to your interior. Tonal colors have the same hue, brightness, and intensity. They coordinate with each other effortlessly, with their slight differences providing pleasant, albeit subtle, contrast.

When you first look at this master suite, the tonal pinks will certainly catch your eye. Slight variations from fuchsia to salmon, are thoughtfully centered on the showstopping bed. The rest of the room is a mixture of white, pale blush, taupe, and espresso. It creates a backdrop that is subtle, textural, and neutral, providing a gorgeous base for the pops of bold pink. The gold in the rug, the pale pink quartz accent pillows, and fresh flowers create a lovely balance. The area rug unites the pinks in the space, bridging the palest tones to the deepest ones.

Modern bedroom design by Laura U featuring sapphire, teal and citrine colors

Sapphire blue, teal and citrine welcoming and relaxing bedroom space

2. Incorporate a Jewel Tone…or Three

Jewel tones are stunning on their own, but they take on new life when paired with other jewel tones. While one statement piece can make a splash, sometimes you want the whole room to exude color, energy, and brightness. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement and dress the room from top to bottom in color.

In this chic bedroom, a neutral color palette with pops of sapphire, turquoise, and citrine turn the bed into the room’s focal point. Softer hues in the rug carry the color palette through the design without it becoming overwhelming. White walls, touches of metallic gold, and beautiful lines of symmetry give your eye a place to rest.

Statement jewel tone bedframe in all white kids bedroom

This jewel tone bedframe creates a beautiful foacal point in this playful bedroom

3. Soften Jewel Tones with Neutrals

Another way to design with jewel tones is to pair them with neutral colors. Though it makes a more subtle statement, the jewel tones will definitely pop.

At first glance, you might gloss over the rattan hanging chair or the “Sophie” wall decoration. The softness of the teal velvet bed frame catches your eye and balances out the bright citrine lamps. Paired against an all-white backdrop and silver accents, it creates a fuzzy focal point in the room. With a healthy dose of natural light, this jewel-toned accent piece fits comfortably into the light and peaceful theme of the room.

Jewel tone dining room with metallic accents design by Laura U

Chic metallic chair frames and a gorgeous chandelier warm up this cool dining room

4. Add a Metallic Touch to Make Jewel Tones Shine

Like a gorgeous piece of jewelry, the best way to make your jewel tones sparkle and shine is to pair them with warm metallics. The sheen of metallic pieces create dimension while bringing a glamorous, luxurious feel to the space. Gold and brass are perfect for warming up a room, but I also love the cool, sleek finish of polished nickel and chrome.

In this client’s dining room, metallic accents complement the jewel tones, while adding depth and drama. The polished table base complements the gray wall color and picks up the undertones of sapphire blue in the ceiling and rug. The gold chair frames and dipped chandelier add warmth to the room’s cool palette.

Neutral office with jewel tone accent chair and area rug

Jewel tones and brushed brass add richness to this light and bright office

Though you can’t see it in this photo, our client’s recording studio is around the corner. We wanted the energy and life that happens in the studio to come through in the design of their music room. Grounded in a neutral color palette of beiges and creams, the accents of pink and citrine add richness to this bright office space. This colorful study was recently featured in Modern Luxury Texas Interiors, where I select a few other rosy-hued items for capturing the same feel in any interior.

Beige walls, white drapery, and a pale pink desk chair provide a calming balance to the deep pink and rich citrine. The jewel tones in the rug and ombre velvet chair add a sophisticated, feminine feel while accents of brass create depth and drama. Brushed brass legs on the desk, light fixture, and edging on the footstools bring out the room’s luxe factor in a subtle way.

Jewel tone living room with magenta accent chair and color art

A magenta accent chair adds just the right touch of jewel tone to this living room

5. Accessorize with Jewel Tones for an Unexpected Surprise.

Another way to incorporate jewel tones into your interior design is with your accessories. A few touches of jewel tone decor bring depth and richness to the design that light colors can’t. Create a bold accent wall or coordinate with your drapery or your favorite work of art. The accessories don’t have to be the room’s focal point, but they should complement the other pieces.

This client’s lovely living room was the perfect place to layer in a dash of jewel tone decor. The accent chair mirrors the deep pink in the artwork. Gold finishes on the wall sconce and fireplace screen echo the chair’s gold finish perfectly. Juxtaposed with luxurious gold metallic finishes and warm wood floors, this jewel tone living room is an elegant and sophisticated space.

emerald accent chairs in Houston home designed by Laura U Interior Design

A pair of emerald accent chairs add warmth to this bright living room

Jewel Tones Decor

You can use jewel tones to accent the design or as your overall color palette. A touch of jewel tone decor adds a subtle hint of drama and acts like a piece of jewelry for your room. Using jewel tones all over transforms your room into a stunning refuge and makes a bold statement. No matter how you use these gemstone shades, they’ll make your room really shine!