I love to add comfy upholstery wherever space allows, and one spot that can always use extra attention lays at the foot of the bed. You start and end your day in the bedroom, so why not create an uber-comfortable lounge space for yourself? Placing a chic bench, settee or a pair of chairs transitions a master bedroom into a proper master retreat.

Sure, it may occasionally become a convenient location for a pile of laundry or turn into your pup’s new lounge spot, but that’s what makes a house a home! Read on to see some of my favorite ways to make the most of the space at the foot of the bed.


Beautiful Benches

A bench is a great option when adding furniture to the foot of the bed. When you have space, a bench really makes your bedroom feel complete. It is also the perfect place to fold down your duvet in the warmer months.


As you can see in this example, this classic bench only needs an extra foot or two. Totally doable.


In the design above, I selected a fabric color similar to the bedding for continuity and so the tufted aubergine headboard became the focus.


Here, the canopy bed is softened with the upholstered bench. The addition of the teal fabric is a wonderful foil to the muted wood tones and pulls the trim color from the pillows through the entire space.


I love the way the curved bench above softens the masculine, clean lines of the bed and the nightstands. This is the perfect way to bring a feminine element to the room and to compliment the floor lamp and accent table.


This orange bench from Ralph Lauren blends with the other orange tones throughout the bedroom. I particularly love how the curved armrests and legs of this settee provide the space with an additional feminine quality. 

Make Your Seat a Settee!

Another option to add to the foot of the bed is a petite daybed or settee. Personally, I have a small settee at the foot of my bed and I lounge there daily for a quiet moment or just to watch the news. It is the best addition to my master bedroom ever!


Simple, classic and timeless, this settee (below) is just lovely. Note the color combo; deep purple and whispy, sea green sit on opposite sides on the color wheel, which make them ideal complementary colors. Check out my post “6 Tips for Designing with Vibrant Colors” to learn more about the art of the color wheel.


Pull Up a Chair!

I love a fine chair (almost) as much as I love a fine wine, so this route is definitely my favorite way to get creative with a lounge space at the foot of the bed. For those looking to create more of a petite living area in their bedroom, a pair of chairs and a delicate side table is a great option!

This provides a cozy area to curl up with a good book and enjoy your Sunday morning coffee. And, in all honesty, if your children like spending time in your bedroom, it can also turn into their go-to spot to watch cartoons.


In the design above, the textured fabric on the chairs really shares center stage with the bed and upholstered wall.


For this design, the purple backdrop and chairs hug the bed, creating a lovely combination of various purple hues from head to toe.

Depending on your daily lifestyle and the allotted space in your bedroom, there are plenty of options to choose from when dressing up the foot of the bed! For an extra dose of style inspiration, head over to my Instagram and Pinterest.