For me, a successful interior is one that brings the vision my client has in his or her mind – and then some – to life. It’s important that every client the team at Laura U works with feels as though they are truly home when they step through their door. We strive to capture their personality and their spirit with our work.

We especially love the challenge of working with families and couples with differing tastes and styles. This dichotomy between masculine and feminine presents itself often when designing a master bedroom to fit two competing styles. In these instances, it’s our job to ensure her style is balanced with his. Then everyone is happy and feels at home living in the design.

Continue reading to learn our design secrets for successfully combining masculine and feminine styles to create a balanced master bedroom that is equal parts functional and stunning.

Neutral ground

 When designing a quiet and neutral space, I love to introduce soft color to make the space personal and unique. In this room, we designed a bed with an espresso finish and added ivory linens and oatmeal drapery. With the addition of the deep orange bedside lamps, accent pillows, and bench at the end of the bed, we brightened the space and the room doesn’t feel overly masculine or feminine. Here, balance is key!

Fifty shades of blue  

 I don’t know about you, but when I see blue, I typically think of a structured and masculine energy. However, in the case of this striking master bedroom, we went with a much softer shade of gray-blue. In this instance, the subtle blue doesn’t fight for attention and is easily complemented by an array of accent hues such as cream, copper and chocolate brown. Adding fresh flowers to the mix also introduces a romantic element, making the room that much more inviting. While this space could feel entirely feminine, the structured lines of the headboard, tailored drapery, bench at the foot of the bed and the architectural element of the mirror brings in just enough masculinity to find the right balance.

Play with patterns

I absolutely adore combining different textures and patterns. When bringing in multiple patterns, things can certainly get out of control if each element is not intentional. Finding the right blend brings a space together and creates the perfect combo of masculine and feminine elements.

In the master bedroom below, we went with a stunning blue for the Euros and pulled the same shade to the foot of the bed with our lounge chairs. Then, our rug features an abstract print in a gray-blue shade with flecks of the darker blue, grounding the design. The camel color of the headboard panels (made by House + Town) and the accent table between the chairs are the perfect color to complement our blue. Injecting the structured chandelier with feminine crystal drops polished the space perfectly.

Sit and stay a while

 If you are lucky enough to have a fabulous seating area in your master bedroom – like the space below – you have even more opportunity to blend two personalities into one area. The energetic red tones in the interior below were intentionally pulled to the seating area. Our patterned pillow on the sofa also references the aubergine color of the headboard, which is a deep and relaxing tone. You’ll also notice we used a series of eclectic wall hangings near the sofa but, closer to the bed, we went with more classic light fixtures to create a more serene vibe.

There is no rule book when it comes to blending styles in a master bedroom. Just as in any relationship, communication is key to ensuring the design keeps everyone happy. When your styles don’t align, chat to decide what you love, what you can live with and get ready to compromise – for the best!

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