Incorporating a favorite style into interior design does not mean that you have to adhere to an all-or-nothing set of rules and that certainly applies to designing with mid-century modern furniture. Many of my favorite interior design projects include those that seamlessly incorporate the old and the new into one beautiful, classically current interior. Here are a few of my preferred ways to keep mid-century modern styles classically current.

Less Is More

Mid-century modern designs are known for clean lines and simple patterns. Embrace texture and avoid busy, colorful patterns to keep your style classically current. You don’t want to overpower a minimalist style with a visually busy interior.

Incorporate Clean Lines

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I love the beautiful lines and gentle curves in this mid-century modern sofa. By pairing it with an acrylic table and framing the art in a stark black hue, the composition of this room remains clean while blending with a whimsical style.

Accessorize Accordingly

The right accessories can make or break a design. I love blending vintage details with modern interiors to give a room character and balance so I’m naturally drawn to accessories that mimic mid-century modern styles.modern interior design

Upholstering this mid-century modern Eames chair and ottoman in a fresh, neutral geometric print maintains a clean look that’s fresh and current.

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Who can resist metallic sunburst mirrors and modern chandeliers? These fixtures create an instant and stunning focal point in any classically current space.

Perfect Your Palette

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Clean lines, a minimalist look, and the perfect retro-inspired accessories? Check, check and check! With such beautiful details, choosing the right color palette can perfect your classically current interior. True to mid-century modern interior design, I love styling with neutral shades and a pop (or two!) of a stunning, saturated hue. Keeping with this understated, yet vibrant color scheme allows the craftsmanship and design details of the furniture to take center stage.

I don’t believe in design boundaries; I’m a firm believer in blending styles to create interior designs that are equal parts fresh and classic, and mixing influences from various time periods is an excellent way to achieve this delicate balance. For more classically current mid-century modern design inspiration, be sure to follow us on Pinterest!