The kitchen is the heart of every home. For the gourmet chef and the master host or hostess, having a kitchen that functions while looking beautiful is an absolute must in design. More recently, we have been getting requests for the modern kitchen. Modern kitchens are everywhere. Their sleek design prioritizes functionality, sustainable materials, and durability for today’s hectic lifestyle.

What we find, however, is that interpretation of “modern” can vary. Today, we are sharing some examples from our portfolio and our own perspective on how to design the modern kitchen.

Designing the Modern Kitchen

Modern is a term that is often misunderstood to be exclusively mid-century modern or contemporary. In reality, a modern design can contain elements from both of these styles. We believe the modern kitchen should have a simplified, pared down style with clean lines and little adornment. It should be functional with:

  • simple hardware
  • modern appliances
  • minimal decoration in millwork and furnishings
  • clean lines and flush connections

While these are typically the cornerstones, the kitchen in your home should be the epitome of your style with all the functional comforts you need to cook fabulous meals and entertain effortlessly. That is the definition of a true modern kitchen.

Our Kitchen Designs

For those of us that are parents, the kitchen can be a place of extreme chaos. For those of us that work long hours, the kitchen can be a place of hasty meals eaten quickly. And for everyone in between, the kitchen can be seen as just another space to clean at the end of long day. The modern kitchen hopes to alleviate all of this through design.

Highland Village

The modern and  sleek kitchen designed by LauraU Interior design, Houston.

The neutral colors add warmth to this modern kitchen while keeping the appliances hidden uder cabinetry

The light brown neutral color cabinets create a warm aura. By LauraU Interior Design, Houston.

The black and copper pendant light coordinates well with the brown table.

The black cabinets and white walls are perfect for this modern kitchen by LauraU, Houston.

The white countertop and white walls contrast well with the black upper cabinets.

This sleek kitchen By LauraU, Houston is all about comfort, functionality  and style.

Modern and warm, with great color contrast

This Drexel home was one of our favorite projects. Our clients loved how we managed to create the feeling of warmth with neutral colors, while keeping appliances and cabinetry flush.

We gave this kitchen the modern and sleek look with parallel right angles, hidden appliances, and ample storage. Our client loved the use of textural elements like warm-stained woods and a lack of hardware.

Hiding the appliances makes this modern kitchen look organized, elegant, and completely fuss-free. This was essential for the homeowner, who recently became an empty nester. There is virtually no clutter in this kitchen, a welcome change from when kiddos lived at home.

The cabinets used in this Drexel home are from Scavolini. Scavolini has been delivering excellent quality, functional and best-in-class cabinetry for 50 years. While they have perfected the modern aesthetic you see here, they also do traditional quite well too.

Friar Tuck

This modern kitchen is designed with functional cabinetry, and airy space by LauraU, Houston.

This Friar Tuck kitchen is all about functionality and style with airy and breathable space.

The black & white texture adds a contemporary look to this sleek kitchen by LauraU.

The glass doors on either side of this Friar Tuck kitchen allow the natural air and sunlight to pass.

This modern kitchen is all about trendy decor, advanced fixtures and the dramatic backsplash

The dramatic color of the barstools contrast well with the overall black and white interiors.

The Friar Tuck kitchen gets its bold and contrasting look with the timeless combination of white and black with a hint of ferrari red. The stunning backsplash, with Kelly Wearstler for Ann Sacks tile, catches the attention immediately. The kitchen island is done with a speciality stone giving this contemporary kitchen an elevated appeal.

The huge glass doors on either side of this modern kitchen allow for a free and easy passage of sunlight, giving a reflective quality to the marble counters and acrylic chairs. We selected the transparent material to eliminate any visual color, focusing on the high-contrast.

The white lacquer cabinety was completed by Poggenpohl, one of the best kitchen design brands based in Germany. Poggenpohl has been improving kitchens since 1892, delivering the highest quality designs with meticulous craftsmanship and technical expertise. For our discerning client, no other vendor would do. She specifically requested the brand for their reputation and European style.


This Regentview modern kitchen is designed in the shades of purple by LauraU Design, Houston.

The purple barstools add a contrasting touch to the light mauve and white walls and countertop

This modern kitchen is all about purple barstool, white countertop, brown cabinets & black pendant lights

The fancy pendant lights add a contemporary style to this Friar Tuck kitchen

While designing this sleek kitchen in the Regentview Home, we kept in mind the owners’ love for purple. From aubergine to lavender, the client insisted that purple was a neutral. And we tend to agree!

The Caesarstone countertop is an effortless addition to this modern kitchen. Caesarstone offers high-grade quartz, which means the material is over 90% natural stone and usually of the largest slabs to reduce seams. That literally seamless look is essential to the modern kitchen. Also, the qualities of quartz lend itself to heavy use for modern design lovers: it is non-porous and easy to clean.

The pendant lights, from Troy Lighting, add a touch of industrial style with a sleek gun metal finish, while the chrome drawer pulls add a contemporary touch to this flawless kitchen. The charcoal and wood finishing on the cabinets add warmth to the kitchen interiors.

Benedettini cabinetry blends well with the contemporary style of this kitchen. Benedettini has been manufacturing custom made cabinetry for the last twenty years.One of the coolest features in this kitchen, is the way the doors open. One push to the corner and they hitch up much like a garage door for ease of use.


Hidden appliances, horizontal and sleek lines define this modern kitchen as designed by LauraU, Houston.

This Dunstan kitchen is a perfect example of a contemporary and modern kitchen – functional and airy

white countertop, white cabinets, cactus colored barstools compliment each other well in this dunstan home.

The cactus colored barstools compliment the white interiors well

This Dunstan home belongs to clients seeking a comfortable and open space in their kitchen for quick meals after work, as well as fun gatherings with friends and family. Keeping this preference in mind, we designed the kitchen with subdued and neutral shades that invoke the feeling of warmth and comfort, while keeping the open space for free movement.

The silver chrome faucets and drawer pulls match the appliances for a cohesive look. The cactus-colored leatherette barstools give the white walls and cabinets the desired contrast, balancing the more monochrome palette. An adjoining butler’s pantry hides all the messy items that come with good cooks.


Black, brown and white kitchen interiors look extremely modern in this greentree kitchen by LauraU

This Greentree Kitchen was done with black, brown and white colors depicting the owners” style.

Highly functional modern and sleek kitchen with built-in storage cabinetry in this greentree kitchen

Appliances are kept hidden behind this highly functional kitchen cabinetry

Functional cabinetry, hidden appliances and matching interiors are the elements of this modern kitchen

Appliances are hidden but still reachable in this functional and modern kitchen

The mid-century architecture of the Greentree kitchen is honored in this updated space. The backsplash is completed with an Ann Sacks tile for dimmnsion and contrast. The grout has a shimmering quality to it that aids in the dynamic nature of the tile, putting a modern twist on the mid-century shapes.

Stunning Poggenpohl cabinets show why the brand is the oldest and most respected in the world. Modern design is often mistaken for being cold and that simply isn’t the case here. The warm stain of the cabinets is inviting for home cooks, and the absence of door pulls makes the clean lines so obvious and striking.

Renovating the Kitchen

With many of us finding ourselves at home more, we find that our kitchens do so much in keeping our families healthy. Not only that, a good meal means baking with our kiddos, holiday dinners, even cocktail hour with friends. It’s so important to have a kitchen that works well, flows perfectly, and looks gorgeous.

If modern is your kitchen style, keep these in mind:

  • Warm-stained wood for sleek cabinetry
  • Brass or chrome fixtures and hardware
  • Quartz countertops
  • Backsplash with visual interest
  • Hidden appliances

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