Aspen is one of my favorite places on earth. Last month, the Umansky clan hopped into our car (yes, Archie too!) and made the trek from Houston to Snowmass for all of July. It was glorious. The hiking, the sunshine, the lovely weather…all were made that much brighter in the Aspen breeze. Summers there are second-to-none and many of our Houston friends agree. Escaping the oppressive humidity of Texas, there were several Houstonians making Aspen their go-to summer retreats.

While relaxation was on the top of our to-do lists, this was still a working vacation. Each morning Michael and I would carry our laptops to the patio, working against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and lush, green treetops. I even got out of my comfort zone a little bit with an Aspen commercial interior design project!

I’ve known the Isberians for years, and this isn’t the first time I’ve designed a window environment for them. This year, though, I knew we needed something different, more modern. Working with my design team, we came up with a concept that was all at once rustic mountain lodge and modern urban home.

About the Isberian Rug Company

The Isberians have been involved in the rug trade for more than 100 years. It’s no wonder that they are the nation’s foremost experts in rugs! Rooted in the rug weaving traditions of Armenia, Stephan G. Isberian’s lifelong passion for rugs began early. Growing up, he spent his childhood at his parents’ store in Chicago. There he learned how to restore, clean, and repair rugs from a very young age.

In the mid-1960s, he began traveling overseas to source rugs and carpets throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. After taking more than 11 trips overseas with his wife, Stephan moved to Colorado to open his own rug store. Knowing how important the proper care and cleaning of rugs is in order to maintain their integrity, Stephan opened a second location in Basalt. This location houses a state-of-the-art rug restoration facility. I was able to visit the Basalt location last month, and I was absolutely blown away by the care and expertise that went into every rug they touched.

Now in its fifth generation of continuous operation, Isberian Rug Co. has become the premier rug store for Colorado and beyond. This family-owned, Aspen landmark has been a part of the community for over 52 years. They host an excellent collection of antique, semi-antique, and contemporary oriental rugs. They also carry a large selection of antique Navajo weavings, modern rugs, and home accessories.

Aspen Commercial Interior Design – Inspired Mountain Modern

Aspen’s natural beauty is the inspiration behind the two vignettes the Laura U team created for the Isberian Rug Co. The window vignettes capture the rustic ambiance of a mountain lodge: earthy color palettes and natural elements like bone, wood, and rope. Each vignette showcases three different rugs – a modern style, a bohemian-inspired style, and a vintage Navajo rug. The Isberians carry an impressively wide collection of Navajo rugs that look sensational in the mountain modern ambiance.

The furnishings are more modern and clean-lined, some with lacquered finishes and organic shapes. Blending the traditionally rustic look of mountain homes with sleek modern lines results in a fresh-looking space that is collected, warm, and inviting.

The color palette of blues, grays, creams, and browns are warm and familiar. Touches of energizing red and fresh green evoke feelings of the sun, the grass, and being outdoors. Wood grain accents, luxe fur, rich leather, and chrome add texture and bring the scene into the modern.

The gentle curves of the swivel chair and wishbone chair soften the straight lines of the bench and the upholstered console. Bucket style seats beckon guests to sit down and stay awhile.

The Calabria table lamp brings the beauty of the outdoors in. The earthy, aged texture adds character and soft lighting without competing for attention with the other elements in the design. It picks up the lighter hues in the rug and the background color of the console’s upholstery. It’s the perfect piece to tie the space together.

Marshall Floor Lamp (left) and Calabria Table Lamp (right) via Hudson Valley Lighting

Moving away from recessed or canned lights, we are instead working more with table lighting and floor lamps in mind. Why the change? I can’t quite put my finger on the exact moment we began making the switch. But I love the soft glow of a light that mimics the natural dimming of a sunset. Or the directed rays of a table lamp that illuminates a reader, while keeping the rest of the room shaded. I think that with our cellphones and computers, we are so overly exposed to light throughout the day. Our trend to human-level lighting is in response to that.

The sleek lines of the Marshall floor lamp with the unexpected orb base gives the space a glam, industrial vibe. It provides a beautiful, sophisticated contrast to the rich blues in the rug and drum table. The subtle touch of shine catches your eye and adds warmth to the cool chrome bench.

Until Next Time…

The Laura U team and I had tons of fun working on this Aspen commercial interior design project. I am so proud of these vignettes. Thank you, Isberian Rug Co. and Hudson Valley Lighting for partnering with me on these designs!

I’m was sad to leave Aspen behind! Between the fresh mountain air, the lush scenery, and great weather, I found working there to be very inspiring. Having the ability to work and enjoy the outdoors made it easy for me to get my steps in! We did lots of hiking, enjoyed the 4th of July festivities, and spent quality time with family and friends. It was a truly refreshing experience and I can’t wait to go back!



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