Seeing brand new designer collaborations first hand at High Point Market is definitely one of the highlights for me. Meeting the creative genius behind the collection is icing on this designer cake! This past market (Fall 2017) I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Thomas Pheasant about his new collection for Baker furniture. Mr. Pheasant is not only an award-winning interior designer, he’s internationally recognized for his elegant and thoughtful furniture collections, which are a contemporary interpretation of classic design principles.

My latest design crush!

Contemporary Classics

Just like Mr. Pheasant himself, his pieces exude a modern elegance. Each work bridges the past and present through gorgeous silhouettes and intriguing fabrics as he focuses on soothing, luxurious interiors without sacrificing quality or comfort. He has mastered the neutral palette which brings his signature pieces to life.

The goal of his newest line with Baker Furniture was to bring together his classicist past with the modern, clean lines of today’s interior. This collection is full of angles and geometric forms, which can be seen throughout the pieces. The structure and his attention to detail are what make this such a distinguished line.

Below are just a handful of my favorites from High Point!

My latest design crush!My latest design crush!

My latest design crush!

While we’re still awaiting the release of this fab new collection onto Baker Furniture’s website. Here are some of our faves from Thomas’s past collection, as you can see…he’s got talent!

My latest design crush!

Yves Lounge Chair

My latest design crush!

Quattro Side Table

My latest design crush!

Villa Loveseat

My latest design crush!

Empire Chest

Structurally Stunning…am I right?

Speaking with Thomas Pheasant and seeing his pieces first hand was more than a little inspiring. I returned to the studio determined to incorporate these fine heirloom pieces into our interiors. Each piece will elevate a room so I, for one, cannot wait to see any one of them in an upcoming Laura U interior! For more designer insights, follow us on Instagram for more design tips and inspiration.