I am so excited that Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Between traveling to Las Vegas and High Point to go to market, announcing our Boulevard Show House, the Laura U Team being recognized at this year’s ASID awards and working with such amazing clients this year, we have much to be thankful for! It’s been a whirlwind so I am looking forward to gathering around the dinner table with friends and family to really spend some time.

Just like the turkey is a staple of the meal, having a gorgeous place setting is a staple for our Thanksgiving table. One of the things I look forward to most is deciding what style place setting to use. With everything from traditional, to modern, to casual, and everything in between, there’s a beautiful place setting waiting to take its place on your table. So, as the Thanksgiving activities are getting started, here are just a few of my favorites.


This classic place setting from Neiman Marcus is traditional and the golden accents are anything but dull. Yes, it is neutral and understated, but it is sure to be gorgeous when paired with the traditional red and orange hues associated with traditional Thanksgiving decor.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a fine place setting!

Bold and metallic

Because it’s Thanksgiving, let’s make a big statement on your dinner table. This Mediterranean inspired Tempio Luna setting does just that! The marble and gold details are sophisticated, modern and perfect for creating an all white and gold tablescape.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a fine place setting!

Color & Whimsical Details 

Brighten up your table with color and prints. This shows off your eclectic personality and adds interest to your table. This Blue Marbled place setting is elegant, fun, and very of-the-moment. It pulls in colors of the season with neutral navy blue and gold in a current way.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a fine place setting!

To create a visually stunning table, this Gilded Botany place setting is perfect. I love it’s whimsical, botanical details and golden accents. It’s youthful, elegant and perfect for entertaining. It gives you a more formal feel for your Thanksgiving dinner with a nod to the en vogue Boho trend.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a fine place setting!

Casual and Minimal

For the minimalist Thanksgiving. You are probably serving Cornish Hens in your Tiny Home so this is perfect for you! Take inspiration from your fave neutral color palette or print and go from there. A simple place setting, such as this Graeden setting from Crate & Barrel, will allow you to have fun with table decorations.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a fine place setting!

Lastly, prints are always fun and youthful! This Larabee Dot setting from Kate Spade is simple and definitely gorgeous enough to adorn a fancy Thanksgiving dinner table. It says, “I’m not at all stressed to cook and serve 20!” Going simple or minimal with your table setting is all about creating a place setting that is easy and represents you.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a fine place setting!

After all, you want to focus on the most important thing – spending time with family and friends. So, I hope these place settings have you inspired to take on your dinner table this holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Laura U Team!