In honor of National Read a Book Day, we’re sharing some of our favorite spaces to read. We made it a bit challenging by asking for places outside of the home (tricky, as I love to read in bed). The team could also divulge places they’ve only dreamt of curling up with a great read. So ready yourselves for a lovely tour, some locales exotic, some sunshine-filled, and all perfect for the newest best-seller.


The only places I read are 1) on an airplane and 2) in my car :)! I listen to about 4 books per month on Audible with all of my travel!


My favorite spot to read would be out in nature. Sitting down in an open field preferably by a mountain in Colorado with my dog sitting by my side.


Favorite Place to read – At a low-key bar having a glass of wine.


One of my favorite places to read of all time is on the top deck of a cruise ship! The crashing of waves, warm weather, and scenic views of the ocean create such a serene and peaceful atmosphere. I think it’s the perfect place for diving into a good book.


Where do I even start! This is such a serene, natural, light, but moody space. I want to curl up here (in the chair or the sofa – I can’t decide) with my favorite playlist and book. Since temperatures get so intense here in the South, the fluidity between interior and exterior is the perfect solution!


I have always been a shameless bookworm. I was the girl in school carrying around hardbound harry potter books in her bag. I absolutely LOVE it! I get absorbed in escaping into a story and falling in love with the characters and I’m always a little sad when the story is over. My favorite place to read in the city is McGovern Centennial Gardens on a beautiful sunny day. The gardens are so lush and peaceful and you can always find a little quiet place to enjoy.


I do most of my reading at home, typically in the kitchen or in bed. But I’m a huge fan of reading by the pool. I should say, in the pool! When it’s the scorching apex of summer, you’ll find me in the water, sunglasses on, with a great book perched on the tile. I also love reading in the car on long road trips, but only if my husband is driving, of course!


My favorite place to read outside my home is when I am on vacation—ideally with a beautiful view and a glass of wine. I love to read to relax when I’m traveling when my mind is rested and open to new things. I was just at La Conterra resort last week and the Loma de Vida Spa pool was the perfect spot to catch up on my reading.


Laura U

Laura Umansky is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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