Do you remember that old rule: that you must keep all your metal finishes the same color? Yeah us too, and it’s got to go! It’s time to throw out that ancient rule and get with the modern times – of mixing up metals in your interiors. From accessories to appliances, mixed metals can be incorporated into any room by adding depth and bold contrast to your home. Check out some of our ‘go to’ ways to mix n’ match metallics in our favorite spaces.

Opposites Do Attract

Mixed metals can be exactly what a plain space needs to liven it up! The best way to keep things interesting is to mix n’ match your softer and warmer metals. This contemporary kitchen below – does just that. We worked with Madeval, a local kitchen design studio, to create the sleek design of the white cabinetry which leaves the room feeling bright and fresh. However, selecting standard silver appliances would leave this space feeling way too monochromatic for our taste. So we mixed it up with a warm copper oven and vent hood. It instantly added warmth to the kitchen, making the space more inviting and livable. The copper additions mix well with the silver accents on the stove, oven handles, and white walls. Next, we added matching copper handles to the cabinets and drawers. This balanced out the kitchen – allowing the stark contrast of metals to make sense among the vast amounts of crisp white.

Mixed Metals: Sleek white cabinets by Madeval are complimented by warm tones from the copper oven and vent hood

The copper handles disperse this warm hue throughout the kitchen!

Let’s talk accessories

When you have a neutral room with similar colorways throughout the space, we love mixing in some metallic tones with our accessories. White-on-white shelves are the best backdrop for bold accessories – so bring on the gold! It’s the perfect contrasting tone, plus there’s just something about gold paired with white that screams luxury to us.

Go a step further by adding different shapes, textures, and tones of metallic among your shelves to add depth to your living room. Now too much gold can be overbearing (sometimes), so look into mixing some accents of silver to your room. Notice how we incorporated the cool tones of silver in the mirrored console and ceiling fan. It gives the living room a balance but doesn’t take away from the gold + white sophistication of the room.

Mixed Metals: White on White is given live with mixtures of gold and silver accessories

The iron black patio doors play a supporting role to the silver details – creating a great pairing of cool and warm tones amongst the white walls and crisp furniture. 

Pick What is Prominent

It’s important not to go too wild with this mixed metals revelation – we want your space to still be Classically Current. One key point to note when mixing up metals is to pick the color or metal you’d like to dominate the space. In the kitchen below, it’s clear that the gorgeous backsplash (by Daltile) is the star of this room. Pulling from the neutrals within the mosaic’s design, we chose silver as our prominent metal for appliances. This cool tone was the perfect foundation, for it acts as a supporting neutral to the white and gray cabinetry. Plus it gives us room to play with some fun accent metals!

To really tie in the multicolors of the backsplash, we mixed in some darker tones with the light fixtures. The gold pendants add warmth to the kitchen and emphasize the dark brown and cream tones of the marble countertops. It’s a great transition to the deep iron sconces that highlight the stove top and dark grays within the tile – to create one cohesive story within this kitchen.

Mixed Metals: Backsplash from Daltile is complimented by silver appliances and warm golden pendants and iron sconces

In this Morrocan Glam master bath, we took a little different route – yet stayed true to our prominent metal rule! The gold, textured mirror and sconces pop against the cooler tones of the walls. The cobalt door and deep walnut cabinets pair well with the warmth of the gold, which keeps the vibrant Moroccan colors alive within the space. Next, we incorporated a cooler metal that would accent the softer tones of the tile…so silver faucets and sinks were the way to go!

Mixed Metals: Gold mirror and sconces stand out against the gray pastel tiled-wall. They are complimented by silver faucets and sinks.

Notice how the silver inset sinks add an unexpected touch that makes this bathroom super unique – but still cohesive.

Be Adventurous

Mixed metals are a great way to add a contrasting color to a room, but you don’t have to stop there! Add in some extra color or patterns to your home with a funky wallcovering, then accent the colorful tones with some mixed metallic pieces.

This powder bath is so fun! I love how we took something that was unconventional and made it elegant. There are multiple mixtures going on here – from iron to silver to gold we covered all the ranges in this space. But it works. Want to know why? The silver of the mirrored vanity, sink and faucet act as the prominent metals of the space. Next, we mixed in the iron and black tones from the sconces to accent the silver, still in line with the cooler tones. Then to add in some warmer hues, we selected the antiqued gold mirror. The traditional shape complements the wallcovering’s pattern and adds multiple levels of interest to this small powder bath.

Mixed Metals: Mirrored vanity, pastel pink wallcovering and antiqued gold mirror all mesh together to create a unique powder bath

Get to Mixing  

Mixing metals within your home is a great way to create a unique design – you can go as subtle or eclectic as you’d like. So break the rules when it comes to mixed metals! Don’t hesitate to take some design risks with colors, patterns, and textures. Start small with accessories then move on to making some metallic statements in your furnishings, appliances, and lighting fixtures. The options a truly endless.

Just remember my three go to’s – mix up those warm and cool tones, pick a prominent metal that’s cohesive and most importantly have fun with it!

I hope all these mixed metals have left you feeling inspired! For even more design tips and inspiration check us out on Instagram and Pinterest.