Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself (insert thought bubble here!) “I wish there was a table here on which I could rest my martini!”? Not having a place to rest and relax after a long day or having to awkwardly hold your drink because there isn’t a place to put it down just isn’t very pleasant. Seating and table space are two things to keep in mind when designing a family room or living room. That’s why having the right accent table in the right spot is so important.

Accent tables are wonderful additions to any space from living rooms to outdoor lounges. They help free up items from larger cocktail tables and make the perfect drink holder. They come in myriad shapes, sizes, and materials so your options are pretty much endless. But remember to go beyond purpose…they may be great at holding your hot chocolate, but accent tables can also be statement pieces that really tie a room together (much like art!).

Let’s chat about three of my favorite styles of accent tables perfect for any space.


The perfect accent table for any space


Shapely and Sexy

Geometric tables are instantly classic. Their orthogonal lines and repeating shapes bring visual interest into the room without being too masculine. This hexagonal Elsa Black table from Worlds Away is the perfect table for when you just need a little something next to a sofa or occasional chair…And when you want to show off one or two fabulous accessories at the same time.

The perfect accent table for any space

Another fun style of the geometric table is one with a repeating pattern. The Precision Table from Kelly Wearstler is the perfect neutral style table because it’s so versatile. When mixed with a softer color palette, florals, painted or abstract organic patterned fabrics, it makes it feel very feminine. But for a more masculine look, pair it with structured furniture.

The perfect accent table for any space

I like to partner unexpected shapes within a space to add that je ne sais quoi to the room. For a whimsical touch, try this Emporium Home Matrix Side Table. It’s abstract and full of character. This would be the perfect match for a leather sofa in a library or study.

The perfect accent table for any space



Nesting tables are perfect for a large area that is an integral part of your seating arrangement. Because the tables tuck into one another, the grouping forms a larger surface area and visually helps to fill an empty space. This style, like the Nathan Anthony Tetra table, works well with large-scale sofas because it helps balance out the proportions. Unlike a small martini table, it won’t get lost in a large room. And it is forever changeable and versatile.

The perfect accent table for any space

Wood accent tables like these Jet Set Nesting Tables bring a natural, warm and inviting vibe to the space. And the great part about nesting tables is that you can keep them together or split them apart. The Adriana Hoyos Africa End Table adds to the room without it getting too visually heavy.

The perfect accent table for any space

The perfect accent table for any space



Compared to most accent tables, martini tables are on the smaller side making them just perfect for resting a drink mid-conversation. They definitely live up to their namesake! Pair these with an oversized chair or a smaller sofa to keep the scale balanced. We love this Martini Side Table from John Richard!

The perfect accent table for any space

For a fun twist, place multiple martini tables together like these Spun Brass tables from Tom Dixon in a big grouping. They work beautifully together when placed in a room with larger-scale furniture.

The perfect accent table for any space

Cheers to all of the different styles of accent tables! For more accent table inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards and be sure to follow along on Instagram.



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