Whether we’re painting walls, upholstering furniture or adding accessories, color is one of our favorite ways to set our interiors apart. But as much as we love classic color combos like black & white or jewel tones, we often opt for the more unexpected and playful combination of orange and blue hues. Now it may seem like an odd pairing, but I assure you it’s a marriage made in color heaven.

Playfully Unexpected

A Powerful Pair: orange and blues

So why do these two colors work? Because they’re complementary colors…which means they’re across from each other on the color wheel. Different parts of your eye allow you to see each color separately, so your eye intensifies each color. It wants you to see the complementary color so that your eye perceives a harmonious color balance.

a powerful color combo of oranges and blues

Shades of orange and blue are an ideal color combination to use if you’re looking to make a bold statement in an otherwise traditional room. When used on traditional furniture, orange and navy create a stunning combination and make quite the statement. However, orange and light blue give the space a playfully chic retro feel. But orange and blue also work really beautifully with neutral colors.

a powerful color combo of oranges and blues

a powerful color combo of oranges and blues

When paired with black, gray or brown, it gives the room a rich, warm and welcoming feel. But did you know you can mix these colors with metallics? You might not think it would work, but oranges and blues are perfect with metallics. Copper brings out the warmer tones in orange, while pewter shows off the cooler undertones of blue. And of course, you can never go wrong with a glint of gold to add that extra special pop.

a powerful color combo of oranges and blues

a powerful color combo of oranges and blues

See..It’s a Perfect Pair!

Whether you’re looking to create the perfect playroom or a sleek and modern living room, orange and blue is such a fun color combination. It’s a classic color palette that brings any room to life.


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