Getting the opportunity to collaborate with one of our go-to rug vendors has been such a fun experience! Over the past several months we’ve been meeting and working with the team at Tai Ping to create our own custom rug collection. And after a few brainstorming sessions, we were able to settle on a theme and learn all about the technical details of manufacturing a rug. We recently sat down with Corbin Perkins of Tai Ping to get an update on the rugs and sneak a peek at two completed rug samples, fully made based on sketches and selections from the last meeting.

Exciting Progress is Happening!

Progress on the Laura U exclusive Tai Ping rug collection

This collection called “Chopped and Screwed Chinoiserie” is featuring five different designs. Two designs are a structured composition based on traditional fretwork, two designs are organic based on an antique Chinese screen and an antique Ginger Jar and one is a fabulous exercise in texture. These will be done in a color palette of blues, greens and neutrals made in a selection of naturally dyed wools, silks, cashmere, and potentially Tai Ping’s Field Wool, their performance fiber.

Progress on the Laura U exclusive Tai Ping rug collection

Samples & Sketches

The team was so excited to see the progress that’s been made! We reviewed the two samples and worked on selecting a color palette. Though we haven’t made the final color selection yet, we narrowed it down to two options. One is based on the warmer tones reminiscent of the mid-century color palette and the other option is a neutral and monochromatic color palette.

Progress on the Laura U exclusive Tai Ping rug collection

One of the other goals of the meeting was to finalize the artwork and direction for the other three rugs. We’re so excited that the gray sample and artwork (in the photo below) have been completed! We love how fresh and contemporary the geometric print feels. The other rugs in the collection will be more detailed and abstract. With the most detailed rug in the collection, being based on an organic landscape sketch which is still in progress.

Progress on the Laura U exclusive Tai Ping rug collection

We’re really looking forward to what our next meeting has in store. We plan on having the completed samples for all the rugs and can’t wait to share them with you! And we’ll be revealing where you can find this exclusive Laura U x Tai Ping rug collection.

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