This modern French country retreat combines the nature and lifestyle of The Woodlands with the contemporary designs found in urban Houston. For our clients, having the best of both worlds was a must! And we are so proud to have given them exactly what they wanted.

This retreat home, which was featured in Woodlands Lifestyle and Homes, blends timeless neutrals with bright pops of color. Because of the calming base color palette, we incorporated different textural elements to create depth and warmth. You’ll find a riverbed stone wall, lots of natural woods, and a custom panel design in the master that creatively adds a unique dimension to the otherwise sleek space.

Gold accent tables in a French Country inspired modern home

Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

Chandelier via Yliving

Now retired, the homeowners were sure to have colorful kids’ spaces and bedrooms that showcase the beauty found in nature in a modern way. Overall, this is a functional, family-friendly home that eagerly opens its doors for our clients’ grandchildren.

French country modern living room in Houston

Bench from Rove Concepts 

French country modern interior, waffle ceiling, blue rug and stone fireplace

The Woodlands Interior Design Inspiration: French Country with Modern Finishes

Our design was inspired by the French countryside, matching the more traditional exterior of the home. But we wanted the interior to be a surprise. We used a modern version of the traditional French country color palette and incorporated warm yellows and soft blues to bring this iconic look into the modern era.

We layered the design with wood accents and touches of mixed metals. The result is a modern, contemporary interpretation of the landscapes found right outside our client’s door. Let’s take a peek inside their stunning home.


Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

Wallpaper from Elitis via Donghia

The entry way is full of natural light and has tall ceilings, making it feel like a grand space. We wanted the space to feel light and bright. We chose a white color palette with touches of black for a bit of drama. To add visual interest, we chose a geometric stair runner that mirrors the banister design. Vibrant art work on the wall adds color and texture. To finish off the space, we used a delicate glass chandelier from Yliving.

Powder bathrooms are fun way to make a statement. In this powder bath, we brought the outside in. We used this fabulous pine tree forest wallpaper from Elitis via Donghia. We paired it with wood accents and a stunning sink. It’s an intimate space that’s sure to get their guests talking.

An iconic modern chair in the French Country inspired living room

In the living room, we wanted to make the gorgeous stone fireplace the focal point. The wood ceiling beams add warmth and richness to the crisp white walls and floor. The iconic Pavilion bench from Rove Concepts adds texture and extra seating without interrupting the flow. And the glam metallic side table ties in the area rug and gives the space a luxe, sophisticated vibe.

Design Focus: Comfortable, Informal Gathering Spaces

Our clients chose to forgo having a formal dining room. They wanted to focus on a kitchen and breakfast area where they could all gather. We incorporated a large island to give them plenty of space to prepare and enjoy meals together. And we painted the cabinets blue to create a cohesive feel between the living room and the kitchen.


Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

Side table via Bungalow 5

Our clients knew their grand kids would be visiting often and wanted to design specific spaces for them. In the cool media playroom, we added a cork board accent wall to give them spot to display their artwork. We included some comfy couches and a window seat with lots of storage to keep their toys organized. It’s a sleek, functional playroom their grand kids love.

The Woodlands View: Bringing the Sunshine In

In the guest bedroom, we wanted to highlight the view. We kept the walls a crisp white and layered in warm wood accents and pops of rich purple. The movement in the rug brings softness to the straight lines of the side table and the wood door.

Yellow is a traditional color found in French country homes because it represents the sun. We used this traditional color and gave it a modern twist by creating a playful striped tile pattern on the wall. The wood cabinets bring in a natural element and the geometric mirror adds interest without competing with the rest of the design.


Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

We wanted to make sure the clients had a luxurious space of their own. In the master bedroom, we chose to use a color palette of soft creams and serene blues to create a relaxing space. The textured tile accent wall is reminiscent of the sky and the lake their home overlooks. It’s a soothing space that brings the beauty of nature indoors in a modern way.

In the master bedroom sitting area, we chose to use white on the walls and floor to reflect the natural light coming in. To add softness, we layered in this rug from Surya which ties in the decorative lumbar pillows and side table. The serene layers of textures and prints make this spot feel like a real getaway!


Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

Side table via Madegoods

Rug from Surya 

Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

Side table via Vanguard Furniture 

We also created an additional seating area for our clients. It’s the perfect spot for them to read with their grand kids or watch television without sitting in bed. We selected a pair of velvet chaise lounge chairs and paired them with a blue area rug. The rug pulls in the blue from the bedroom and in the painting. A glam metallic side table from Vanguard Furniture adds a luxe touch and coordinates with the artwork’s frame. It’s a chic, comfy space that gives them plenty of room to relax.

What I love about the master bathroom is all the natural light! To make the space feel cozier, we incorporated gray upholstered wall panels behind the LED mirror. The gray panels pick up the beautiful veining in the tile. It’s a sophisticated space that makes getting ready in the morning a joy.


Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

LED Mirrors from Yliving 

A closet fit for a queen in this modern Houston area home

Our clients wanted a home with spaces they could enjoy with their grand kids. So we included a whimsical snack bar area next to their media room. We added a custom Muchies sign from The Neon Gallery to make them feel like they were going to the movies. The cabinets and built-in frig give them plenty of space to keep their favorite snacks and each kiddo has a personalized popcorn bucket!

Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

Custom ‘Munchies’ sigh from The Neon Gallery

A place for the grandkids to watch movies in this modern home


In this bathroom, we chose to a neutral color palette accented with natural textures. The round bathroom mirror provides a beautiful contrast to the subtle geometric design on the wallpaper. The stunning gold agate hardware is like jewelry for the cabinets and gives the bathroom an elegant feel.

Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

For the kids’ bedroom, we wanted make sure there was plenty of space to play. We chose a fun color palette of blues and oranges with touches of yellow and whimsical patterns. The clear storage cubes give each of the kiddos a place to keep their toys. And to make the floor a soft place to play, we layered in a faux fur rug and a denim rug from Dash & Albert.

We chose to carry the blue and orange color palette into their bathroom. A playful tile design and colorful striped rug keep the space young and fresh. It’s perfect for kids without feeling too young.

Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

Rug via Dash & Albert

Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

It was important for our clients to have a space to keep all their grand kids’ things organized. We designed these personalized lockers to help keep the clutter controlled and the paneled doors make sure no smells or moisture gets trapped. The baskets on the shelf ensure loose items don’t get lost and the bench gives them a place to put on their shoes in the morning.

Super Functional Laundry Room? Yes, Please!

Laundry rooms are a functional space, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be chic. The organic pattern of the wall tile mimics the movement of water and ties together the colors used in the space. And the witty glass front cabinets add a whimsical touch. All I can say is this laundry room is anything but boring!


Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

On the outside patio, the stunning view inspired the color palette. We chose a palette of blues and greens paired with wood accents. The seating arrangement includes plenty of easy-to-move seating options so guests can make themselves at home. It’s a chic space that allows our clients to comfortably enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.


Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home


The cabana bathroom near the pool of this modern home

Chairs by the pool of this French Country inspired, modern home

Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

This modern French country home is all about functional luxury. It’s the perfect representation of the couples’ lifestyle! Neutral base colors paired with colors inspired by nature mixed with daring patterns create a warm, welcoming space. The result is a home that will feel fresh and new for years to come.

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