Leather and wood. Brushed brass and curves. The perfect balance of masculine edge and feminine softness. It’s a very romantic combination!

Today’s project reveal has a fun story behind it. Our original design was for a hip bachelor pad. But that plan slowly evolved into a honeymoon suite! During the process our fabulous client became two fabulous clients. They began dating when we started the project and were married by the final reveal. So this home is a testament to striking the perfect balance between his and hers styles.


Finding the sweet spot in this sophisticated condo took some time. Condo interior design has its challenges. Tight corners and large furnishings don’t mix. Space planning for open-concept interiors means creating separate zones without walls. And you always have a little apprehension carrying anything up a freight elevator.


Condo Interior Design Must-Haves and Challenges

When our clients approached us about their condo interior design project, they came equipped with a list of must-haves:


      1. Make the stunning views of the Houston skyline a key focal point of the design.
      2. Create distinct living room and dining room spaces in the open-concept main area.
      3. Build a designated space to display their extensive wine collection.
    Stunning views from the Astoria in Houston. Condo interior design by Laura U.

    When you have an extensive wine collection, but also want to show it off!

    Once we walked the space, we realized there were two design challenges we had to work with. One was the curvature of the building. The second was creating distinct spaces in the open floor plan while keeping a clear line of sight throughout.


    The curved windows are a lovely architectural detail, but a huge challenge for traditional furnishings. Instead of going on a wild goose chase for the perfect pieces, we designed custom furnishings. Our friends at House + Town fabricated them.


    We used rugs to create conversation zones. Carefully placed chairs and lighting helped to delineate between the living room and dining room.


    Let’s take a peek into this sleek, modern, and sophisticated Houston condo.
    The foyer of a high-rise condo in Houston, TX. Dark woods and worldly accessories.

    You can almost see the skyline from here…

    A Warm Welcome

    Even though the condo is a smaller space, we wanted to make it feel as large as possible. We used a color palette of white and dark brown in this condo interior design to give it an open, but cozy feeling. We incorporated a fully mirrored wall and a natural mica panel in the inset ceiling to add depth. A clean line console table paired with lamps and a whimsical buffalo head add the perfect touch of personality.
    An upscale condo interior design with antique mirrored wall.

    Looking at the entry from another angle.

    To add visual interest, we incorporated textural details. The antique finish on the mirrored wall and the carved doors from Balinska’s Imports give the foyer an old-world, masculine feel. The contemporary chandelier mirrors the detailing in the stunning antique doors and adds a beautiful, feminine touch to the foyer.

    Modern & Streamlined Condo Interior Design

    For the kitchen, our clients wanted a modern and functional space that would look clean even during the peak of a dinner party. For a sleek look, I opted to avoid door pulls. This keeps the eye focused on the shimmering backsplash and silver Arianna Pendant lights from Arteriors. They’re a beautiful complement to the dark wood of the existing cabinetry.

    Condo interior design for a spec kitchen: no door pulls and a shimmering backsplash.

    Another example of masculine meets feminine design: moody dark cabinets against shimmering silver.

    Our clients wanted to create an entertaining space with their extensive wine collection at the center. Hello, glass walls! The climate-controlled wine cellar provides plenty of storage in a way that displays the wine beautifully. What a conversation starter!

    A Moody & Modern City High Rise with wine tasting room.

    A bar area fit for wine lovers.

    Stunning high-rise views at the Astoria in Houston.

    Another view from the bar.

    Our clients had requested an inviting entertaining area and plenty of storage for their growing wine collection. Our bar pulls inspiration from their travels, as well as their love for modern design. The custom 3-panel light fixture and bar front, both by 3 Form, lend a contemporary vibe to the space. The climate-controlled wine cellar is the perfect touch.

    Our open plan is oriented to the Houston Skyline

    An open-concept condo interior design with custom sofa and leather chairs.

    Custom-designed furnishings match the curvature of the high-rise.

    A Houston condo with stunning views, leather chairs, and dark wood floors.

    A reflective moment with great Houston views.

    Because we have an open plan, the living room, dining room, bar, and kitchen all coexist peacefully. This allows us to capitalize on the AMAZING views of downtown Houston from all of the main spaces of the home. But our clients also wanted to create distinct zones for conversation and family gatherings. We created soft separations with thoughtfully placed rugs and subtle changes in the color palette. The living room color palette blends ivory and caramel with a splash of deep blue. In the dining room, we added a touch of soft coral that ties in the pillows on the couch.

    An open-concept dining and living condo interior design from Laura U.

    Different conversation zones in the same open-concept

    For the living room, my design team created a custom curved sectional and paired it with a wrapped wood and glass console. A pair of modern Holly Hunt club chairs and Precision floor lamps from Circa Lighting separate the living room from the dining room. An ivory area rug and modern chandelier delineate the dining room area.

    Project Reveal: Moody & Modern City High Rise

    I love these sconces!

    At Laura U, we think every home deserves a show stopping powder room! In this powder bathroom, we used texture and organic designs to make a statement. We chose a gorgeous white onyx for the sink wall and floating vanity. The back lit mirror and sculptural sconces create a soft, flattering glow in the room. And a vase of fresh purple blooms ties in the hints of purple in the stone’s veining. It’s the perfect example of how you don’t need color to make a bold statement.


    The Sophisticated Master Suite

    A custom leather headboard adorns this master suite, condo interior design by Laura U.

    Leather + soft velvet = perfect bedroom!

    Project Reveal: Moody & Modern City High Rise

    A cozy and stunning fireplace.

    This master suite is all about blending texture and color. We pulled in the color palette from the main area and added a soft gray. It’s a soothing, elegant combination perfect for this master bedroom. A custom upholstered wall panel headboard adds visual texture and serves as the focal point of the room. The pair of cobalt blue accent chairs tie in the artwork on the wall and decorative bed pillows. It’s the perfect spot for the clients to relax when they’re watching tv.


    I believe in blending his and hers styles in the master bedroom above all other rooms. For obvious reasons, of course. It works really well here. Everything in this room has a pair, speaking to the homeowners’ connection. And I love the mingling of glass with wood. Natural elements are inherently grounding and comforting.


    Modern Houston Condo Interior Design


    This condo interior design is full of warm tones and rich architectural details. The neutral color palette provides the perfect backdrop to showcase our client’s eclectic and unique pieces. It’s a cozy, intimate space that still feels open and airy. And the best part is that you can enjoy the amazing views of downtown Houston in all the main spaces of the condo!


    By being intentional in your design and strategically placing your furnishings, a condo can feel as comfortable as a single-family home. If you have a condo, let’s chat about how we can design a beautiful interior to match your fabulous view!


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