You can expect to find tile on walls and floors in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. What should be unexpected is the way you apply them: creatively! It’s one of the easiest materials to maintain and the fact that they come in more finishes, shapes and sizes than we can count makes them a designer’s dream. There are so many exciting things happening in the tile world right now that we needed some one-on-one time with Miguelina Veras of La Nova Tile. Here, she shares the inside scoop on all the latest tile trends.

Our favorite tile trends for a bathroom

Abstract Texture

When it comes to using tile on the wall, some are more suitable others. Abstract texture tiles are generally made and used for wall application because of their varying heights, which cause a lippage when used on a floor. Lippage refers to the difference in the elevation between edges of the tile when it’s laid and can be a tripping hazard.

Favorite tile trends

The tile’s visually interesting and three-dimensional surface design allows you to add perspective depth and embellishment to a space. Alternating heights of the tiles create movement on the wall and within the product itself. These abstract textured tiles bring the wall to life and transform it into a piece of art you can touch.

favorite tile trends

Gen by Dsignio via Peronda Group

favorite tile trends

Harmony via Peronda Group 


Subway tile is probably the most well-known and traditional styles of tiles. It was originally used in 1904 in the first subway station in NYC. It was chosen because it could be cleaned, is easy to maintain and reflects light which makes the stations brighter.

favorite tile trends

It was originally manufactured in a 3” x 6” size and in a matte or glossy finish. Today you can find subway tiles in sizes as small as 1” x 2” or as large as 12.5” x 36”. With an endless number of finishes and composition, these tiles are very versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors, as well as on the floors and walls.

favorite tile trends in a utility room

You can use subway tile to create a timeless pattern or something new and fresh. The tiles can be installed vertically or horizontally, staked straight or offset and even in a herringbone pattern. The tile pattern draws the eye across the wall in a continuous line of interest and shows how these simple tiles are anything but boring!


The term brick originally referred to a unit composed of clay and dates back to about 5,000 BC. Bricks were made from some of the most abundant, natural material resources and then fired to 2,000 degrees. The kiln process creates a more durable brick, which makes it a great building material. They were used to make walls, facades, pavements and other elements in masonry construction.

favorite tile trends in a bathroom

Now bricks refer to any rectangular units laid in mortar. They’re traditionally something you think of for the exterior of a home or for a patio. But with today’s technology bricks are finding their way into the interior of the home. Just check out this Mottone Tiles from La Nova – Their different textures, resistance to wear and low maintenance make them an ideal option for kitchen flooring or decorative walls.

Fish Scale/Mermaid

The fish scale tile certainly has a somewhat mysterious past. Some say the tile came from Morocco, while others say it was inspired by 13th-century English Gothic architecture. Not to mention, it goes by several names like mermaid, fan, scallop and bowl tile. But no matter what it’s called or where it came from, it’s a tile that’s stood the test of time and is making quite the name for itself.

favorite tile trend for a master bath shower

Growing in popularity, this whimsically shaped tile has been named by Interior Design as this year’s hot new subway tile. This charming and highly versatile tile is available in several sizes and finishes that are suitable for floors and walls. They can be used to fill any size space in restaurants, bars, bathroom showers, and backsplashes. They’re a fun accent in the kitchen and can even be used to create your own art piece!

favorite tile trend - fish scale


Surprisingly enough, these tiles have actually been around for hundreds of years. Originally, different colored clay was placed inside the tile to form the pattern. Now geometric tiles are making a contemporary comeback in fresh new bold abstract patterns.

favorite tile trends for a powder - bold geometric

There are new interlocking patterns that literally lock in place like puzzles and become decorative when installed. You can even find tiles that have been pre-scored vertically, horizontally or diagonally to look like several individual tiles, but in reality, they’re actually just one tile. How gorgeous is this black, white and gray tiled bathroom wall…talk about a show stopper!

There are so many ways to personalize your space, but we love how versatile and timeless tiles are. Whether it’s a splash of color in your kitchen, a dash of texture on your bathroom wall or a bit of pattern in your laundry room, tile is a great way to spice up your wall or floor. Check out our Pinterest for even more design tips and inspiration.

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