Mirrors are so much more than a reflective surface in which you check your appearance. While they are great for a quick glance at your lipstick on your way out the door or the application of a full face of makeup, they can also become a focal point of your room. They add depth and dimension and bounce around a room’s light like nobodies business. Added bonus: mirrors with fab frames add texture, detail, and color to a space too!

So now the big question: “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest mirror of them all?” Check out these statement mirrors and decide for yourself!

Bold Shapes

Statement Mirrors Speak for Themselves!

Round mirrors are truly on trend. They are also close to our Classically Current hearts because they are simple in form yet big on look. I say you can never go wrong with a round mirror, especially when it’s frame has beautiful detailing. This ornately, cut-mirror framed piece has an antique bent and is extra chic when paired with a white, clean-lined, dresser.

Statement Mirrors Speak for Themselves!

We are all about non-conventional here at Laura U! What’s fun about doing only what’s expected? If you are a rule breaker (in a totally legal way) then a uniquely shaped mirror adds that je ne sais quoi to your space. This faceted geometric mirror framed mirror (yes, that’s a thing) says a lot with its bright cobalt. The defined lines of the mirror are the perfect juxtaposition with the cool, organic console.

Color and Pattern

Statement Mirrors Speak for Themselves!

Go bold with a rose gold mirror (this one is by Hable Construction). This soft metallic tone warms up the room and functions as a piece of art. It complements the terracotta and natural tones and how about how fab it looks atop the hand-painted wall-covering by Fromental?!

Statement Mirrors Speak for Themselves!

Adding a bit of pattern to the mirror is a fun touch as well. This fun blue bone inlay mirror is bright and eye-catching and we love the fabulous shape. The color palette complements the blue in the side chair fabric beautifully.

Statement Mirrors Speak for Themselves!

This mirror is inspired by the detailed architecture and style of Morocco. The shape and gorgeous gold color are carried throughout the space. It’s the focal point of the entryway and clues your guests in on the style they can expect to find in the rest of your interior.

Alt to Art

Using a statement mirror can be a great alternative to a piece of art or a great addition to a room with lots of artwork in it. They are a fun way to create dimension and interest in an interior and are just the perfect thing for instantly elevating a space. And, of course, they are the best for doing that last minute look up-and-down before you walk out the door. Mirrors are the mix of beauty and function!

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