Do you remember when the only way to display things in a kitchen was to use a China cabinet? We do and we’re happy to say those days are gone! While we still love a fab China cabinet, open shelves are today’s more modern version of the classic go-to. They are a bold way to add your personality and style. Let’s chat about our favorite ways to create a livable, open kitchen space.

Galveston beach house kitchen with open shelving - Laura U Interior Design

Get organized

You all know that I am a little bit of an organization nut. There is method to my madness! As a working mom of 2 often busy kiddos, an organized and well thought out kitchen means I can spend more time with them to create fun meals and less time searching for things. For easier access, store commonly used items within reach on open shelves. Adding items like cookbooks with beautiful photography and stylish cutting boards to your shelves makes them easily accessible and adds depth and warmth to your home.

Modern, white and gold open kitchen - Laura U Interior Design

The challenge of an open kitchen though is that not everything can be hidden inside a cabinet. Your open shelves should be used to highlight your best and most used pieces. Keep your collection of novelty coffee mugs and other random items stored behind closed doors.

Let’s Decorate!

When thinking about creating a cohesive look across your shelves, grouping items by color is a fun way to decorate and make a monumental statement. Use glassware as an accent color and don’t be afraid to show off all those beautiful dishes and platters as if they were art.

 shiplap and subway tile kitchen with open shelving - Laura U Interior Design

In order to prevent your shelves from looking too much like a display aisle in a store, add in personal and decorative items. Don’t worry if the piece isn’t “perfect.” A little bit of imperfection adds a richness to any room. The kitchen may be a practical space, but you should also consider adding in a few whimsical touches can add lots of personality to the space.

Finishing touches

Though the focus of an open kitchen is the beautiful shelves, don’t forget about the countertops. One of the keys to a gorgeous kitchen space is having counters that are timeless and speak to your personal style. Consider granite, marble, or even quartz! Make sure to keep countertops clear so as to embrace their beautiful design and finishes while maintaining a sense of openness. Transfer your dish soap into a gorgeous container that matches your cabinet hardware for a more polished look. Splurge on a handmade or oversized bowl to display fruit on the counter or a glass vase for fresh flowers.


Organization, accessibility and personal touches are the key ingredients in the recipe for your perfectly styled open kitchen. For more kitchen design tips and inspiration, be sure to follow Laura U on Pinterest and Instagram.