Chic chairs for your home office by Laura U

5 Super Chic Home Office Chairs

Home office chairs can define the entire look of your home office. The challenge is that most chairs are either designed for comfort or style, but not both. Many of my clients think they have to sacrifice style in order to have a comfortable desk chair. But that’s not the case! You can have a office chair that’s comfortable and stylish. Here are a few of my tips for selecting your perfect office chair.

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Memorial Park Modern Office

Hello everyone!

In another of a series of perfectly cool rooms for a perfectly hot summer, we’re offering a closer look at the office of our Memorial Park Modern Project. (You can find more pictures for that project at our online portfolio or our Pinterest portfolio.)

So let’s turn our attention to that thing most of us do all day: work! Why shouldn’t our office spaces be as well-turned out as our homes? Short answer, they should! And even more so if you’re lucky enough to have your office in your home.

We love our work, and we think it should be as fun, as creative, and flexible as we are. We’re all unique.


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